Alah Hahn's New Book on Knicks


Thanks for posting. I`ve only been a Knicks fan for about five years after coming to basketball late. I really want to learn about the history of the Knicks so this book might be a great place to start.


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Damn it, I can't read.

Oh wait, I went to an Ivy League-caliber university, so I totally can read. I might be a broke ass bastard living in Beijing, but hey, if someone puts it up on Kindle...


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Someone do me the favor of reading it then throwing it in the garbage at MSG.... I'll find it.


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I bought it late last year, it's a really interesting read.

There's one about D'Antoni that might be of interest to Knicks readers, where Hahn explains that he served his purpose by running an offense that inflates stats and turns ordinary players into tradable assets.

Thought that was an interesting take on a coach that I really never wanted in NY.