All-Star Game?

Anyone else getting ready to watch the All-Star game? Should be starting as soon as the Pharrell/Nelly pre-game show is over. Oh, here comes P Diddy and Busta Rhymes. Anyway, I'm reminded of that All-Star game right before we traded for Melo and how Melo got interviewed on the Western Conference bench about what was going to happen with him and Kobe jumped in and said to leave the man alone.
East starting lineup of Lebron, George, Melo, Wade, and Irving has to be the smallest starting lineup in All-Star game history. Is Melo going to play center? Even Woodson hasn't thought to try that.
Huh, both teams are announced, but Pharrell kind of just keeps going. Is there even a game? If there is one, can we start playing it. Some of us have to go to work in the morning. After suffering through the Knicks all season, I want to get to watch at least one game this season that is some degree of fun.
Semi-historic moment in sports. Violet Palmer becomes first woman to officiate an all-star game in any of the 4 major male American sports.
Irving and Melo run the pick and pop leading to the Melo three. If only we could see that on a regular basis...
Combined score of 1st quarter is a bigger number than Bill Russell's age, who turns 80 today apparently.
East's 2nd unit getting wrecked by a much more talented West 2nd unit. Takes quite a bit of fun out of the game if it doesn't stay close.