Amare could be a key piece


Rotation player
Stat's latest knee problems pretty much invalidated this thread. Looks like his chronic knee problems haven't gone away. Can't sign a guy whose knees might give out in the 7th game of the playoffs. Looks like the Knicks and Stat part company after 5 underwhelming years.
Yeah, I'd give him the veteran min kind of like how we kept herb williams around. but not for any real value to the team.

I like stat...BUT... next year...and maybe a year/two after that we are in a rebuilding mode... don't see where stat fits in...taking valuable mins from a younger player.. lets go thru the growing pains with a youngster..hopefully with upside...
he doesn't fit as anything more then a bench guy playing 10-12 min. Not worth any real money. vet minimum is almost a stretch. But PJ won't sign him.
Sadly I liked Stat, his injuries to much to deal with.
I'd love to see him play healthy like the beginning of this year...but I doubt it's possible.