Andrew Bogut


Just wanted to make mention of the Monster game Andrew Had Today ! Probably his best game in the NBA so far ! :peace:

The dunks he did today were just Absolutely Monsterous ! And the one over McGee !! lol ! Just huge !!:teeth: :teeth: :teeth:

Special Mention to Steph Curry ! Just a freak ! How he dropped 50 on us in New York..... I honestly havent seen many who can shoot like him ! I wish we could get him at the Knicks !

I would love to see a Knicks Golden State Grand Final Series Actually ! :thumbsup:


thats why i am putting Curry over CP3. Extreme young talent. ESPN all guys put Denver in 6 no one put GSW so i am putting GSW in 6 but right now is 3-1 Denver can win @ home to make 3-2 . George Karl each his coached team that scores 50/60+ wins in lat 9 years 8 times has been eliminated by lower seed . I think George should take his chances to east.


b4 injuries he was one of the best center in this league lock @ his block stats. Its good that he was traded to GSW.
Other good C was Luc in Chicago