Anunoby out for Game 3, possible Game 4 as well


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We'll be playing without OG tomorrow, possibly on Sunday too and who knows if we'll see any of him for the remainder of the post season
Brunson also questionable for Game 3
Let's see what this do to Thibs' rotations

It's going to be a looong series..



Being without Mitch, and without OG for the weekend Game 3, Game 4.
I had to swallow having a Tied 2-2 series after the weekend games
After watching Game 3 (without Mitch & OG) the Pacers best performance look like they did not expect to get pass the first round.
The Pacers did not take advantage of a missing center Mitch, nor a missing OG. The Pacers couldn't take advantage of our 7 player rotation, until the final 17 seconds of the game .. When Nembhard makes a 31-foot step back jumpshot to give Pacers a 3 point lead. Both teams were Tied at 106-106.
On Sunday, in Indiana the Knicks could steal a afternoon win without OG .. (3-1)
The Pacers depend on the 3-ball shot more than we do as our main strategy to score.