Are the Knicks interested in hiring Pablo Prigioni as assistant coach?


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If the Knicks do hire Prigioni then Phil must select the Frenchmen Frank Nitty natural defensive prowess with the 8th pick in the draft.
Plus having two 2nd round picks select PG Frank Mason offensive quickness and high IQ if still available in the 2017 draft.
The two young guards could turn into great assets when the Knicks start hiring developing coaches like Pablo Prigioni.

One of the Knicks big problem in winning has a lot to do with the different guard-rotation each season.
In 2013-14 we had .. Felton n JRsmith n Shumpert n Hardaway n Prigioni
In 2014-15 we had .. Calderon n Shumpert n JRsmith n Hardaway n Larkin
In 2015-16 we had .. Calderon n Affallo n Galloway n Grant n Sasha
In 2016-17 we had .. Rose n Lee n Jennings n Baker n Holiday
In 2017-18 ?????


Would nice to see him play for us again as well. His passing, shooting, and defense could help the young players.

I recall at the end of our 54 win regular season, coach Woodson put Prigioni in the starting lineup tandem alongside Felton for defensive purpose in the backcourt to outscored the majority of opponents.
The next season 2013-14, when Woodson practically DNP Prigioni throughout the first half of the regular season for a no defensive minded rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. until the Knicks had a 21-40 record coach Woodson decided to sit Hardaway and play Prigioni in the rotation more which lead to a 37-45 season .. huge difference.

What bothered me the most about the 2014-15 season the most having a new head-coach Derick Fisher, were the $25M resigned franchise player carmelo anthony not convincing Fisher that Pablo Prigioni would make a better starting guard then Calderon/Larkins/Shumpert/and JRsmith. I was not happy that season with the Knicks TANKING the season to have a 17 win season to get the 4th pick in the draft.
The sound breaking BOOS the Knicks receive for selecting Porzingis with the 4th pick showed KP would have been a 2nd round pick or a very late first round pick in the 2015 draft class.