Baron Davis is a Knick


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He's got everything he needs to make an impact in the Garden, the skills, the look(beard), the personality, he's flashy, he loves highlight plays and he's clutch. I really hope he's ready Christmas Day cause the Garden is gonna be so ****in epic its crazy
Great news, 4 stars starting for us.

Baron still has it on offense, he torched us at the Garden last season when he was with Cleveland, do you remember?

His defense is a huge question mark though.

Still, we're looking good.

Conference Finals here we come! :smokin:

he has always been above average defender, personally I dont think we lost much exchanging billups with baron on the defensive end
especially being that we dont plan on having baron match up with the other teams pgs any way, that job goes to douglas and shumpert
baron will always switch over to body up shooting guards if the other teams pg is quick.

we officially have a triple threat with baron

a veteran who has performed big on big stages in the playoffs before

a legitimate play maker at the poing guard position who as we saw with the warriors just a few years ago, makes every one around him better i.e. jason richardson, al harrington, kellena azabuikie 50 win playoff team, knocking off the mavericks in the first round.

and third a player who is in a winning situation surrounded by stars who wants to prove himself

there might not be a more dangerous veteran weapon in the league outside of billups who in clipper land will be looking to prove the same things.
Davis Signs with Knicks(Official)

Its official! Contract is signed.

Damn I cant wait for this regular season to start, this is going to be the best season ever. Baron Davis used to be one of my favorite players, I feel as excited as when we got Tmac. Just imagine this though. Davis,Arenas,Anthony,Stoudemire and Chandler. That would be so dope lol.

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Mix from last year

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That dunk over Garnett was one of the better dunks in NBA history.
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^^ Yep! :agreed:

It's not about money, at all. Davis' beefs have always been because he wouldn't take bullshit from people while playing for gimp franchises.

With the Clippers, Davis played for Sterling and beefed with him as much as any Clip had.

You can make the case that someone making that cheese should STFU and just "go to work", regardless of whether their "Boss" is a total dick.

But either way, that's not how the NBA works, and it's not a typical work environment where if you hate your boss you can simply pack up and go to greener pastures.

Davis is a proven competitor, willing to battle through injury, and lead teams, including leading teams in the playoffs to big wins.

And we got him for a vet min while we are PG-starved.


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He was stuck with Don Nelson in GSW, then he had to put up with that racist **** Donald Sterling, and then he was dealt to the sorriest franchise in the NBA.

I don't blame him for it, to be honest.


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Guys we might see Arenas team up with Davis. Aren't they friends?I know Arenas grew up in the Los Angeles area as well.

We don't need Arenas and his guns in the locker room. We have a 2.5 mini mid level left to pursue James Posey, who is more of a need since we lost Shawne Williams.


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James Posey or KRIS HUMP

Seriously though, both could be good choices, but I like Kris Hump more because we need some rebounding.


Some great Baron stats, per John Hollinger at ESPN:

"Davis had the most valuable assists in the league last season, and it wasn't even close. Among players with at least 300 assists, Davis' average assist was worth .841 points, well ahead of the league average of .667. And lest you think that was all from having Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan slamming down dunks, consider that Davis' assist value didn't change at all after the trade to Cleveland. More than half of Davis' assists were layups or dunks, according to, compared to the league average of 38 percent; conversely, only 26.3 percent of his dimes were "bad" assists that led to 2-pointers away from the basket".:afro:[i stole this from another forum!]


Great! We needed a PG that could run, shoot and be a playmaker. With our roster and cap space it was impossible to achieve so we get Bibby and Baron Davis and now we have the running PG (Toney), the shooter (Bibby) and the playmaker (Baron Davis). One PG for every need and occasion.


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nice, im liking the move. Davis provides a backbone to Douglas as a fall back option. im confident in our backcourt with Davis, Bibby, Douglas,, Fields and imax we're in good shape. all thats left for this team is posey i really want em. before i wanted Stevenson but with the davis signing the least of our needs is another guard. but posey would fit tremendously