Big Shout Out To Josh Hart Vocal Leadership !!!


The talents of Josh Hart's vocal leadership gave us a 9 game win streak when he joined the Knicks last season.
And this 2023-24 season, Josh Hart's Vocal Leadership have kept his teammates co-existing together throughout a injury plague mid-season. Josh Hart's dynamic performance are exploiting all his teammates strong areas on the court for the win.
Our Injury-Knicks have reached their above .500 season record by having 43 wins, and 28 losses, plus 11 games remaining in the regular season.
There is NO best player on the Knicks when the players are on the same-page !!!

The Dragon

Agree, but also the FO and the coach, this is a total successful collaboration between all the cogs of this machine......
We always want better, and there is always better, but we need to give credit to the all the people who moved the Knicks franchise from the situation we were in for more than 20 years to the great team we have today