Breaking! James White is IN the Slam Dunk Competition


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Breaking! James White in Slam Dunk Contest, Novak in the 3

I thought it was thread worthy..if not, feel free to do what you want with this :teeth:

Marc Berman ‏@NYPost_Berman League source says #Knicks swingman James White already has been informed he's in the Slam-Dunk competition. Won't be official until 7 p.m.

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I kinda expected this, those highlights of him are great! Who else is in?


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T-Boss is gonna be real competition for White! But he's the only one I see who can challenge him.


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Wow, that's unusual considering his very limited PT. But congrats to him, it's gonna be entertaining. :gony:

Good to see Novak in the three point contest too.


Finally, Novak in the 3pt at the ASG but how does Matt Bonner get in over Kevin Martin in the West or Paul George over Kyle Korver in the East.

You guys are kidding about Flight White, it's a young man's game, White's best days in a dunk contest are behind him. I like that kid Ross from Toronto or Cupcake Green to win it.