Cleanthony Early's Next Step Should be Westchester Knicks


By Quentin Haynes ....

Early this week, New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher announced that he believes the starting lineup will be Jose Calderon, Arron Afflalo, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and Robin Lopez. It was highlighted by the prized rookie Porzingis at the power forward position, but Carmelo Anthony at the three is a road the Knicks traveled in the past, so I guess Fisher is going to do it again.

Anyway, the projected starting lineup creates an interesting shake for the bench. Rookie Jerian Grant and Langston Galloway can play either guard spot, Derrick Williams impressed in preseason, showing his ability to provide energy at either forward spot. The other two big men ? Kyle O?Quinn and Kevin Seraphin will give the Knicks the offensive and defensive option to chain with Porzingis and Melo power forward lineups.

The odd man out? Knicks forward Cleanthony Early. With 10 credible players ahead of him, Early looks to be on the outside looking in on the rotation and instead of strapping him to end of the bench, I find him more valuable as an option for the Westchester Knicks to start the season, says Fisher.

At the start of last season, I believe Early, Thanis, and Galloway should've spent the entire 2014-15 season in the Knicks Westchester D.League Gelling in the triangle-offense to gain confidence n creativity in the system.
In the offseason Early did work on his defense, passing-skills, n decision making, he looked good if the team would've used his passing-skills as a big-guard pushing the ball.
I'm kind of the opinion that either Early is going to be a rotation player for us this season or we should trade him. Yeah, he could spend a year in the D-league, but how much more can his game develop playing against that level of competition? Is he really going to be an impact player for us at the start of next season if he doesn't get regular rotation time for us this year at he NBA level?


Cle has played well enough to stay with the big club and I read that article by Haynes and Fisher didn't say Early should go to the DLeague. It was the writers opinion not DFish. I was down on him last season but I think he can help this season.


At the start of the season Afflalo may miss the first two weeks, plus Fisher says he will be cutting back on Melo's playing-time minutes so Melo could play more games in the season .. the Knicks bench will be needing Early n D.Will to backup Melo in the rotation.