Curry waived again. When do we start to feel bad for him?



I've always been one of Curry's biggest critics but even I am starting to feel sorry for him. Years ago I really thought he went off the deep end and would get in trouble in Chicago that would jeopardize more than his basketball career. However, it seems as if he really has been trying to get things back together. He didn't even look that bad when playing for Dallas. What do you guys think? Has he done his penance yet?

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I'll feel bad when he goes back in time and gives back the 60 million from his cap killing contract

I wish nothing bad on him away from The NBA but him getting cut is a result of poor work ethic not bad breaks

William Gates in Hoop Dreams was an example of bad breaks happening to a talented player

Curry is another sad story of a talent not willing to work


SCREW HIM! That lazy thief.

How could you EVER feel sorry for that fat slob waste of talent. I hate Eddy Curry down to my core. Nothing will ever change that.


I thought when Miami cut him it would be the last we saw of him but SA picked him up and he had a good pre-season with them but he got cut anyway.

Then Dallas picked him up because Kaman was injured and he get's cut again, I guess Kaman is back from that calf strain because Troy Murphy is not a backup C. Feel for Eddy, he's lost weight and he's putting up good enough offensive numbers but he stil can't play D or rebound.


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I thought he looked good on offense with Dallas against the Lakers, his defense was Amare-like though
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^ I had to edit my post because of a small mistake but u seemed to know what i meant. Green rep for not callin me out on it.

I never really answered the thread question though. I have felt bad for Curry even though i probably shouldnt. Theres people that have a way worse then him in the country. He needs to be more motivated to keep improving so he can eventually get himself a bigger contract but the opportunity is there for him where as many people in the country and all over the world dont have the opportunity he does because of his size and low post offense. Hes just gotta keep himself in shape now and learn to play defense. I dont wanna see any NBA player end up like Antoine Walker


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Hell get picked up by someone. Hes a center. Everyone wants one desperately enough that they will even go after him. So I wouldn't feel bad.


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Athlete or not I started feeling bad for him when he lost his family. Although he had the potential to be something and never got there I still wish nothing but the best for Curry. We all know ppl who could never catch a break. The man worked his ass off (literally) to lose weight and put himself in a position that a team like Dallas would even give him the time of day. That's more then a lot of ppl I personally know would do.

It's easy as a fan to call a guy fat and lazy from a nice safe distance but I'm sure if you could walk in his shoes it isn't the cake walk you think it is.

Worse case scenario he should just go overseas and earn a paycheck there.
Seeing the lack of Centers in the east, I imagine somebody is bound to pick him up soon. I can really see him off the bench as a 3rd string option for some team. C'mon, Ronnie Turiaf was our STARTING big man during the Chauncey/Melo era. He's cut his weight down and he's still fairly young. If he doesn't find work here he'll definitely find something overseas. So I don't feel too bad for him.

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Curry was Kaman insurance. Brandan Wright it is the backup center. Murphy will back up Brand and Murphy is something Dallas has always wanted in terms of a back up at the 4...a stretch 4. Curry did fine when he got his time, nothing earth shattering. Once Dirk gets back, Brand will get some minutes at the 5. Nothing Curry did wrong. At best it's a positive recommendation from Dallas brass when another team seeks information.


When you see why Curry went down the path he did it's understandable and reasonable. There are bigger things in life then basketball and money. I feel bad for him as a human being who lost his family in tragedy.

Beyond that, I don't have any ill will against a player for getting paid. It's up to management and coaching to evaluate player talent and potential. Paying Curry that money falls on Dolan and IT.

Also he has a ring but does he really deserve it? No. but there are plenty of players on ring chasing teams that won't/don't really deserve the hardware either. We just hate on EC because he represents the poor management of the Knicks Franchise over the last decade. It's the brass that you want to take issue with.


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I was surprised to that E-City got cut. I thought he looked pretty good in the part of the Mavs game i saw. Eddy will catch in somewhere. I have always felt for him because he is a Chicago guy who has had plenty of tragedy in his young life.


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^ I agree, his offense looked solid. I saw him eat Pau Gasol for lunch, breakfast and dinner. But his defense was terrible. I still see him catchin a break somewhere and getting a job as a backup center. Assuming he stays healthy and keeps himself in shape