Dealing with the likes of a Ben Simmons:

There is an article about how Fiz defend Ben Simmon in the N.Y. Post I think. Well this is why trading back in 2018 draft was important. Most of you will remember a player that was falling before the draft and during draft night. That player was Micheal Porter Jr. Before the draft I said we should trade back with Clippers for there 2 first round picks. This to my idea would have solve the problem we current problem with how to defend Ben and other. I had envision a lineup of Robinson, Kp, Knox, Porter and Frank. For those that are of the opinion we should kept our pick #3 in a weak draft(2019). This what should have been done in a strong draft(2018). Porter Jr isn't playing and maybe available for someone like DSJ. Trading one back injury for another one. Some may think that it a gamble but DSJ isn't a good fit for the Knicks. The team plays better with Frank so should be looking for someone bring Frank energy.
Porter Jr is just one of many players I think we should target.
The above ideas & opinions are just want I see nothing more. I could be wrong but could be right. Of course there is that period of adjustments and chemistry. Well, just look at the possibility.
I?m not sure what?s going in Denver, but I?d be shocked if they would be willing to trade MPJ for a return as small as DSJ. If they would, I?d jump on it in a heartbeat.