Emergency Thread: New York Knicks @ Detroit Pistons (2014/11/05)


I don't believe Fisher-Knicks are going to be the first team to lose to the LOTTERY Pistons .. Helltotheno
LETS GO Knicks in the 2nd half

Knicks get 1 free throw attempt entire second half. Well, with 14 seconds and trailing by 5 they sent us to FT line twice. How generous.

Final FT disparity... 31 attempts for DET to 10 attempts for NYK.

We lost by 3 points.

Giving up 19 offensive rebounds didn't help nor did it help Melo was 5-21 with 13 points.


Came up short but the boys showed some fight and I enjoyed the game despite the L. Stat did his part and Timmy did a good job filling in for JR but Melo stunk it up for a 2nd day.

I like Greg Monroe, I bet PJ makes him a priority if Gasol decides to stay in Memphis.


This Game was not right at all ........
The Knicks would have had this embarrassing win if Fisher would've kept Melo on the bench with six-minute left in the game
39 minute, 7 minute to much
5-21 fg for 13 pts
Holding the ball, stopping ball movement
Three and a half quarters of just awful basketball, then suddenly coming alive in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. Definition of too little too late. All I can say is I hope that we see the version of the team that didn't show up until the late 4th quarter when we play again on Friday night because I don't want to see the version of the team that played the rest of the game ever again.


First 5 games... Melo proving he isn't a 125 million dollar man. We would be 4-1 if he hasn't missed 50 shots in 3 Ls. JR up to same crap with foolish stunt that got him suspended and cost us a win tonight. Not sure why he is still on this team? Cannot wait until next year when all if these guards are gone


This cant be a coincidence .....
Everytime JR get suspended Melo have this type of game.

We LOSS to the 0-3 Lottery Pistons ..
The Pistons performance in this game showed they will struggle to get 25 wins this season.
Sad sad sad .. Phil have to start trading Knicks players before the Holidays


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Good fight at the end, but there's a looooot to work on. I'm not a Melo basher, but he needs to trust the system. Iso is fine in some instances, he's done it in a few cases where it wasn't the last two games. Amar'e has been stopping the flow sometimes too, but I feel once he gets in rhythm this season his style could be benefical.

I was a fan of Jason Smith before we came to the Knicks, now I'm even more so.


JR pulling this crap will make it so much harder to trade.....JR is just an idiot.

and he's our idiot... for this year and next and I don't think theres a gm that would ever trade for him... u can never say never...but with JR I think I'd say it...


INCORRECT... melo would only ACCEPT...124m... such a team player...

$124M is the same as $125M, its the same park with the same rides.
Lebron $40M park has half the rides.
D.Wade $31M park has a quarter of the rides.

Melo 39 minute of playingtime vs the no-offense Pistons are the same as Melo 40 minute games last season.
The Piston hired a top name celebrity head coach SVG who's known for his poor offensive-coaching.
The Pistons average 86 points in their first 3 games of the season, the Pistons 4th game vs the Knicks the Pistons scored 98 points on a very poor defensive Knicks team. When I say very poor defense I mean no-effort, no defensive-plan on the defensive end of the court.
In the 2nd half of the game it look like the Pistons scored on every offensive-possession.

Problem vs solution
This is not bashing Melo, this is facts to bash rookie coach Fisher for letting it happen.

Hint: in the Knicks first 3 games (2-1) Melo average 31 minute of playing time, in the Knicks last two losses Melo average 38 minute of playing time, shooting 13 - 44 in the two games .. that is a Knicks PROBLEM!
Especially, when Melo is the leadership player of the Knicks.
There's no leadership when Melo get the ball and turn the play into a isolation play.
There's no leadership when Melo on the defensive end and opponents are scoring on every possession.
In the Washington game when Melo was on the bench the Knicks took a 15 point lead, when Melo got on the court the Knicks lead turn to a 2 point lead.
These are FACTS.
The solution is easy, Melo is a 30 minute player who brings isolation scoring to the team.
Melo belongs in two lineups, not every lineup we put on the court.
Melo must learn chemistry with his teammates before becoming the team leadership player.

Barg, Calderon, and Prig are out with injury.
Last season Beno, MWP, and K-Mart wanted to be traded in November. Why?