Euro Site: Knicks to sign James 'The Flight' White


Not exactly what you'd call a reliable source, but they seem to be convinced!

James White will continue his career in the NBA. The American forward agreed to terms with the New York Knicks and will sign a guaranteed contract with them.
White has played in Italy over the last two seasons with Dinamo Sassari and VL Pesaro.
White was the top scorer in Serie A in 2010-11 with 20.2ppg while in the season 2012-13 he scored 17.1ppg.
The forward has already played in the NBA with Spurs and Rockets averaging 5.6ppg in 10 games.

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Would be nice to have an athletic guy off the bench, all i can remember about him is he Dunks lol.

Nice move we need some bodies on the bench


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Alan Hahn confirmed it so I'm inclined to believe this one's true. One year deal.


Jared Zwerling ‏@JaredZwerling
James White will not be playing on the #Knicks summer league team, but he'll be in Vegas with the guys, learning the system & working out.


this is turning out to be a phenomenal free agency for the Knicks...




this is turning out to be a phenomenal free agency for the Knicks...


:boohoo: Knicks FA every year is almost like being in an abusive relationship

They put us on their wish list, they meet with us,they get your hopes up, Then they kick us in the nuts and leave elsewhere :lol:


Don't expect much from this guy, he's not better than Landry Fields. There's a reason why he wasn't playing in the NBA. Sure he could have a resurrection like Gerald Green did last year with the Nets, but it is highly unlikely. I am only expecting sporadic minutes out of White & once Shump gets back he will be wearing a suit on the bench.


James White is underrated. He improved alot since his stint in the NBA. Will hopefully become a good player as a reserve.

We need to sign Prignoni and Arroyo, the two best PGs in Europe if we cant sign Lin.

Camby has to be a priority also we need big man depth and insure for Camby.

Ray Allen cannot go to the Heat if we want a chance at a title, sign Allen, Camby, Prignoni, Arroyo. Resign Lin and Novak. is that possible? Im not too familar with how the CBA works. I want this to be the 2013 Knicks.

PG - Lin/Arroyo/Prignoni
SG - Allen/Shumpert/Douglas
SF - Anthony/Novak
PF - Amare/Jefferies/Harrellson
C - Tyson/Camby/Jordan


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Until I see this guy contribute to some Knicks Ws, I'm not impressed. I doubt he gets much playing time anyway.

Fat Elvis

All he has to do is play backup SG until Shump gets back. Once Shump gets back, I doubt he'll get much playing time. I suppose he could get some run at SF, but I'd say 'Melo and Novak will be getting all those minutes, barring injury.

Still, we definitely needed more depth at this position. Might as well pick a freakish athlete that at least has potential of making some impact


The Flight Speaks

"You saw last year with Jeremy Lin just took his opportunity and made the most of it, and I'm going to do the same thing," he said. "It comes with hard work -- just coming in and just helping as much as I can on both ends of the floor and just making plays."

And with that opportunity could come something special: getting a chance to take his talents to Houston next year for the All-Star dunk contest.

"That would definitely be great, but I think that has a lot to do with getting playing time and getting opportunities to be seen," he said. "I mean, a lot of people know me as a dunker, so a lot of people already have been asking me to do it. But that's up to the league."

White said it's a "tremendous honor" to not only be back in the NBA, but suiting up for the Knicks, calling it "such a traditional program." It's sure been a long time coming. In 2001, White was one of the best high school players in the country and was named to the McDonald's All-American team along with Tyson Chandler, who was drafted second overall by the Bulls that year.

Could well be the replacement we need for Fields.