Far in the future...


The Knicks are Back
Definitely re-upping melo Chandler I see coming back. And Shumpert will get the other Max in a curry type capacity. Except there'll be the 5 year. And as runningjumper stated hell be worth it. Kids a workaholic, grinds everyday and through last year you could see the development in a day-by-day basis. Definitely see him becoming an allstar ( a la holiday in year 3 ).

Question we gave smiths bird rights no? I believe we do just need verification. That mini MLE allows for bird rights if so Smith will 1000% be back as well

21 Shump Street

Good point Metrocard, no point signing Melo if we are going for a mini rebuild through up and coming players.

As for Shumpert, I hope your right, but i'll just have to see it to believe it. Still raw offensively but could be a terrific 2 way player if things go well for him.

I just want defense, rebounding & shot blocking to be present EVERY game, scoring will come but I want our paint to be a NO FLY zone and our perimeter to be locked up. Obviously we will need offensive pieces too but if we are dominant on the defensive end good defense will lead to offensive chances.