Game Thread Knicks vs Utah Jazz (Game #58)


In coach Thibs LOSER 9 man rotation .. McBride out Keven Hart in !!!
The 76ers came back from down 12 pts and beat the Brooklyn Nets.


JB, RJ, Randle, Hart & Hartenstein close or well. Bang!

31-27. A split of next 2 means they enter AS break 6-5, during a tough 11-game run… a 32-28 record with 22 to play means 11-11 finish outs them at 43-39 winning record. If they can avoid BOS/MIL then they could make noise in the first round.

We shall see.

Do they have another run in them? Could they inch close to 45 wins (13-9 second half)? I can’t see them going 18-4, so there won’t be a 50 win campaign… but they’ll finish somewhere between 43-49 wins


Josh Hart 11 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals. 2-3 from downtown, 3-4 from FT line. 4 offensive boards. Plays defense and moves in transition. He was part of the closing group.

It appears Hart takes McBride’s place in the rotation. Still, not a bad pickup. I still would’ve liked to roll dice on Bones Hyland, but Hart might be the piece that puts NYK in first round battle vs 3 or 4 seed.


Huge game for NYK Monday night. 4 back of Nets… Knicks need to pass Nets and hold off ATL… must avoid bubble and get PHI or CLE in first round. I think we would all be content with a season that ends with a loss in 5 or 6 games in second round to BOS or MIL. That’s probably best case scenario.


Nice Knicks win closing-out the game taking advantage of all the Jazz weak areas ..
The Knicks holding their 6 pt lead throughout the final 4 min of game for the WIN was impressive.

I have to give props to Danny Ainge for putting a young exciting .500 Jazz team together.
The Jazz shouldn't have traded veteran Conley on the deadline, the team had problems closing the game tonight.
The Knicks went on a 9-0 run going down the stretch to pull the win.


what's best about Harts game is he came in and had the same stats had in portland. Nice to have a guy play his role and not try to do more then he can. Also like RJ playing 34 minutes only.

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Playing 34 minutes is still way too much for RJ.

The Nets have clean house and we started rebuilding at the same time. They were a better team then and possibly now as well.

Let’s clean house top to bottom the only D. Rose should be left. EVERYBODY!!


Imagine complaining that RJ plays too much, when NO fans wonder if and when Zion ever plays…

Zion Williamson re-aggravated his hamstring injury and will miss additional weeks following the All-Star break.

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Zion 114
RJ 249