Game thread: New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics 11/13/2023 7:30pm [Game #10]


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(5-4) -- (7-2)

TD Garden, Boston, MA
7:30 PM EST


Wsup Rady .. Thanks for the Game-Thread ..... We playing one of the BigBoy teams in the league, at the end of the back to back.
Tonight, we gonna see how good the (7-2) Boston Celtics are ???


What's going on the Tatum/Brown plus KP/Holiday is working well, and so is Barrett replacement Hart alongside Brunson/Mitch .. 21-18 Knicks favor .. 3 min remain in first qtr


Late Celtics run
End of First Quarter Knicks 24 - Celtics 25

I would've like to see Sims & Hartenstein close the qtr. on KP/Horford
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At the End of a back to back game
Half Time .. Knicks 53 - Boston 52
The Knicks only played 8 players in the Game Rotation in first half, and Boston too.
3 Knicks having double-digit scoring, and Boston too.


End of 3rd Quarter .. Knicks 76 - Boston 84
The Celtics controlled the 3rd qtr. to take a 8 pt lead.
Both team are still only playing 8 players tonight ....
Who is this guy KP ??? He's become a Knicks problem !!!


3 min remain in game .. Knicks 92 - Boston 108
Well, the Knicks 8 Man rotation fell a part in the 4th quarter missing layup after layup.
Quickley, Hart, and Donte should have sit out like RJ Barrett.
We do need a new head coach, especially on back to back games


Knicks fell apart in 4th (as all nba Tatum got hit with 17 points). 2nd leg of a back2back, on road in BOS is a schedule loss. IQ 1-10 with 1 assist didn’t help. Nor did it help Hoeser outscored our entire bench. Without RJ, we needed more offense from Grines, IQ, Hart and Donte.

0-3 without RJ. They missed him tonight. But BOS is good and always seem to be a little better than NYK.

Bad job Thibbs again not letting Evan play.
Who is that guy KP ???
Oh, you might have forgotten that the #4 overall Knicks pick by Phil Jackson.
U know Phil won a lot of championships!!
KP was traded by the people that stabbed him in the back to Dolan.
See Phil and KP gave the Knicks fan base hope of a brighter future. The fact you can see in his play with a team that knows what they are doing.
Unlike those that replace him that took us to the bottom of the NBA and came away with the #3 overall pick, Hooray!!
So compare their pick to Phil’s pick?? One other thing, they have never won any championships anywhere!!
Lastly PHIL is a Knick… so how does this happen?? Incompetent and Evil


Some Knicks fans have to admit .. Our Knicks have a coaching problem!
On Sunday, our Knicks 9 man rotation grabbed a 20 point lead at the end of the 3rd quarter in Charlotte over the (3-7) Hornets to take a 129-107 Knicks WIN.
On Monday, our Knicks tired 8 Man rotation got trashed on the court by the (8-2) Celtics throughout the 2nd half of the game for a 114-98 Knicks loss.
Back to Back Games .. Where our coach Tom Thibs push the Knicks rotation past it limitations for a 2nd and 3rd and 4th wind on the court, after doing so much traveling from one city to the next city to play 2 games in 48 hours.
First Game 9 Man rotation 22 pt win.
Second Game 8 Man rotation 16 pt loss
10 Games into the regular season coach Thibs played a 8 Man rotation at the end of a back to back game twice and loss. RJ Barrett sat out both games (Wise), but get no props.
PF Randle have no backup PF in the rotation.
And SF Barrett have no backup SF in the rotation.
Our Knicks weakest position are both forwards position.
And our PG position is questionable.

Playing on Sunday, and having a game on Monday against a top contender East team the (8-2) Celtics in Boston ..
I suggest we start a fresh legs Jericho Sims & Hartenstein in the frontcourt lineup in the 4th quarter against the Hornets to prepare for tomorrow game vs Celtics trio frontcourt of Tatum, Horford, and KP. We had a 20 pt lead to start the 4th quarter.
But our head coach Thibs haven't change from his Chicago Bulls daze of coaching by having all his starters on the court in the 4th quarter having a 20 or more point lead.


Ask Cuban about KP. Lol! KP was immature and was getting bad advice from his brother agent. Fact: Julius Randle much better player last 5 years.

I like KP and glad he’s matured and is healthy (for now) and has found the perfect role for him, playing alongside Tatum, Brown, and Holliday.

Fact: Phil Jax should’ve taken the Booker trade offer when he had a chance. KP a bigger disappointment as a top 5 pick than RJ. He played with Melo and couldn’t win much.
KP speaks to how good the Knicks could have been in the NBA.
RJ speaks to the incompetency of Perry and Mills. And those with the same mindset. He is the Poster Boy for everything that is wrong.

You give Phil less than 3 years to build a championship team. One of those years he didn’t have a #1 pick. Phil traded away no 1st round picks.

These current and pass clowns have had over 4 years to build a championship team. We are no closer than we were over 4 years ago.

We have fans that mean mouth their country and Phil who is a Knick. But they think Mills, Perry and the current clowns are doing a better job than Phil. No light at the end of the tunnel… just darkness… But Phil is bad (with less time).