Game thread: New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls 8:00.11/12/2019 [Game #11]


Looks to be the same starting 5 according to Fizdale. His players know he's on the hot seat so you would expect the players to play hard tonight. First adjustments I'm making is to scrap the Point Forward role for Randle and run more PnR for him, Rubio was a weapon for the Suns against the Nets running PnR, Frank should try to do the same.


Thanks Tiger .. I was hoping interim head-coach Mike Miller would be coaching the Knicks tonight, and bench our 4 turnover a game Randle.
Do we need another big game from Portis to beat the Bulls tonite ???
Thanks, tig.

Fizdale feels like a dead man walking. Speculation is that Fizdale will get fired mid season and then Perry and Mills will get fired in the offseason. The idea of a front office who knows their time is ending having control of transactions is terrifying to me, but putting Dolan in control is even more terrifying.

This franchise is in trouble.
Bulls on a 20 to 2 run. I mean, c?mon, goodbye Fizdale, goodbye Mills, goodbye Perry. Our players are practically writing their pink slips.


The state of the Knicks, replace a PG with another that hasn't scored and has 1 asst and you just improved your team by 100 pct.
Steal by Knox who finds RJ in transition for the dunk. RJ has 12. Showing some life now.

No more Morris for a while I hope. 0 for 9 and we?re not even halfway through the 2nd quarter. Guys need to know to move the ball when shots aren?t falling.
We trail by 6 at the half. Poor defense allowing 60 1st half points.

RJ with 14 points on 6 for 8 shooting from the floor to go with 4 boards and 4 assists.


The Morris, Randle, Portis trio a combined 7-25.

Knox has 5 of our 9 bench points.

DSJ with 3 turnover, 2 fouls, and 0 points in 6 minutes.

RJ 2-2 from downtown with a nice line. Dotson, who had 3 fouls in 6 minutes, missed his lone 3-point attempt.

Knicks down 60-54 at the half.


Where was the Ntilikina we saw in Dallas, the guy is back to passive Frank again.

He is a +7 with a 2-1-2-3 line. Some guys, like DSJ and Dotson, don?t contribute much if not scoring.

I?m only listening tho.... can?t tell about impact.

Frank won?t force the offense. That?s up to coach to demand he be more aggressive.

Typical Knicks, a PG who is passive... a backup shooting guard who can?t hit open shots.... Power forwards with zero athleticism.