Game thread: New York Knicks @ Denver Nuggets 8:00 12/15/2019 [Game #27]


RJ at 23 will be a perennial all star. He’ll
Improve his shooting.... just imagine when his shot catches up to his ability to slither to the rim.

He’s only 19 and he’s already NBA strong.

RJ and MRob is a nice foundation. Now these dogs need a stud and 2 dudes and then we have something with our starting 5.

There should be NO evaluation of the Knick players, until the Knicks next 25 games.

The Knicks NEEDED a decent strategic head-coach that was gonna keep reminding the Knick players of their weak n strong areas on the court.
And that Head-Coach name is Mike Miller the KEEEPER!
Whom head-coach technique has improve the Knicks lineup and rotation, plus has improve several of the Knick players performance on the court, not just the young-core players but a couple of the FA veterans the Knick signed in the offseason.
Next 25 games take us up to the trade deadline. Then what? Do you think any of these bad moves are going to suddenly change into something good? Is Randle going to become more of a #1 option and someone to build around? Is DSJ going to be a better PG than what Dallas traded? That just two big questions.

As for Miller being a KEEPER. Well the last two game have shine some light on a question or two. They maybe nothing but it bother me. The 4th quarter of the Denver game when he stayed pat with his lineup of the two previous game. Didn't get the same success. The group on the floor before his select players were doing good. Is he a creature of habit and don't know how to change or don't recognize situation change? Not Sure!!
Next... last night in the Hawks game with a big lead not experimenting with different lineups and player combination that might help in the future. He padded the stat's sheet for RJ.

Maybe those things are nothing. If he didn't see them that is what he has assist. coaches.