Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Houston Rockets 8:00pm 11/21/2015


Porzingis contributed in all facets of the game, both ends of the floor. Hitting threes, scoring and scoring efficiently, hitting jumpers and layups, grabbing offensive rebounds... But, his biggest two points were his last. With NY down a point, and a minute left, he swished two free throws... 6-6 from the line...

Oh, and there were also those 7 blocks... 2 of which won the game down the stretch.

Team defense outstanding down the stretch... Affalo on Harden... All around...

Houston hung around because of the 3-point shot... I think we had 5 guys in double figures... If refs gave us those extra few tenths of a second in CHA, we would be undefeated on the road.


Grid or Riot
I'm amazed by Porzingis, 24/14/7, these are some huge numbers that won us the game. I really enjoyed the team effort and Zing's individual performance.


Quinns playing time was going down before today. Only thing I can think is Fish wants to give Seraphin an extended look and they are winning with him in the rotation.

Quinn performance is one of the top 3 big men on our roster.
Quinn is a starter or the first big off the bench
I wanted to see Amundson n Serafin get playing time its just not at the expense of Quinn minutes