Game thread: New York Knicks @ Orlando Magic 3/23/2023 7:00pm [Game #75]


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(42-32) -- (30-43)

Amway Center, Orlando, FL
7:00 PM EST


ORL bench had twice as many points as NY. Like last night, Knicks porous defense allowed too much in the paint and opponent near perfect again shooting from downtown in 4th.

9 man rotation simply ran out of gas in this sprint to the finish line. A shame. 3 straight L pretty much knocks them out of contention for the 5 seed. A real shame. Would’ve been fun to battle Cabs in first round. Instead, they lose in 5 to PHI.

Pretty much a must win on Wed next week against MIA. Even with that victory, still might not be enough.


Thanks for the Game Thread Rady, I had to work late and traffic made me catch the game in the mid 4th quarter.
MitchRob got his first FG shot 3 min remaining in the game.
The Knicks bench scored (9-20) for 21 pts compared to Magics bench 39 pts
Three Knicks players scored 20 pts ..
Ball-Hog Randle (7-20) 23 pts
Ball-Hog Quickley (7-17) 25 pts
Ball-Hog Barrett (3-12) 10 pts
And 2nd season Grimes (10-18) and (5-10 3's) 25 pts
The Knicks defense performance in the final 6 min of the game had one-STOP on defensive end .....
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Watching some of the high lights .. Our poor defense tonight made the Magic's young players happy to be on the court .... Tonight, the defensive department looks bad for our most minute played players ..
Quickley's 42 minute performance
Grimes 38 minute performance
Randle's 36 minutes performance
Barrett's 30 minute performance,
and Josh Hart's 29 minute performance.
No team-defense or help-defense from the above 5 players mention within the past 3 games .. What's up?
I'm upset .. No Brunson, and Deuce McBride gets only 6 minutes .. that's sad!
D.Rose should've been our starter PG every game Brunson missed this season.

It's a shame a 31 win team Orlando Magics having only 8 games left in the season seem forced to play (9 or less man rotation) in The New NBA regular season.


If MiA beats Knicks on Wed, season series is split 2-2. That means MIA wins tiebreaker, bc they’ll be a DIV winner. So, Knicks would then have to finish 1 game better.

Knicks need MIA to lose this weekend vs Nets, then beat MIA. If Knicks beat Heat then MIA has to finish 1 game better. So if MIa drops those 2 games vs Nets and Knicks, they’ll be (in essence) 3 back with 6 left.

5 seed on the line Wed.


The third straight loss .. The Wolves 140-134 .. the Heats 127-120, and the (30-43) Magics 111-106
Are we ready for the playoffs ???
Hell NO !!!

We needed both our play-makers (Brunson & D.Rose) in our rotation throughout the midseason games to get everyone in the rotation (and roster) involved in the Knicks offense/defense before the playoffs.
Throughout the season we have not worked on any low-post plays for any of our big men.
We actually stopped our transition fast break points from Obi Toppin speed, slashing, and crazy catches above the rim this season.
Giving Randle, Barrett, and Brunson the green-light to shoot 20 or more shots in ALL 76 games of the season ..
Showed us Knicks fans a season of wins/losses having NO team ball-movement performance throughout the season.
Other than Quickley, the other 5 players in the game rotation had to shoot above 51% to score 15 pts in a Knicks game this season.
Here's the scoring offense we practice in every game this season to prepare us for the playoff ....
1) The one on one offense (Brunson/Randle/Barrett)
2) Bully-ball offense (Randle/Barrett)
3) 3-ball offense (Barrett/Randle)

We forget to reward Mitch Robinson, for averaging 5 to 7 offensive-rebounds in each of the last 25 games .. SAD!
The other night when MitchRob & Grimes both had a 1-1 FGA game .. I said the Knicks have NO complimentary players in their offensive rotation.
Even Josh Hart is losing his complimentary-performance each night he plays in our ISO-Offense.