Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Orlndo Magic 7:00pm 11/25/2015


Yawn. Can't explain the beauty of the aurora borealis to somebody who'se born color blind or to someme else fixated on their shoes... When Porzingis is 25 (in 5 years) -- if healthy -- this kid will be more than a star... He'll shine brighter than a hypernova.

That tall, with his athleticism, with that sweet stroke from downtown, combined with the intangibles (mentally tough, a steely will to be great, humble, with natural bball Intelligence)....

I get that you want to defend the fact you called him a bust the moment we selected the Latvian lover... But the doubters are dwindling... Scouts, players, and most NBA insiders, and anybody who has seen this kid in person are practically unanimous in their universal praise of this young man's poise and preparedness.

Karl Malone had Stockton, Dirk had Kidd (when he won a title), Duncan has Manu and Parker, Amar'e had Nash... Power Forwards need solid PGs... Bottom line: Melo and Porz are scoring PF.... They need guards to get them the ball in the right spots, or else defenses will force them into low pct shots.

Did Barkley get the ball at 3-point line, or deep on the wing? No. He got ball on elbow or in the post.

So, yeah... After nearly two decades of futility... Forgive us peons for getting giddy now that we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are correct tho... Every game we play... The opponent has a significant advantage bc they have superior guard play. The only hope is that Calderon and Affalo get to the point where we can rely on 30 combined points from this halfway decent starting backcourt. Remember, these guys have only been playing together for a few games... It takes time. To be .500 with our schedule is a minor victory, at this point.

Sign Mile Conley Jr this summer and we will be dangerous next season.

I never called him a bust, actually I never called any rookie a bust this early, but I don't think he will be as good as you are dreaming of making him. It goes both ways in 5 years he could be just a jump shooting tall forward. Again knicks fans are in such a need of a hero, that they will go great lengths to annoint a guy who still can't get his own shot... You blame fisher now for our problems, and now it seems that carmelo is the new scapegoat.. LOL.. this was long overdue, but to be expected.

accept the fact that the knicks are just not that good. The end!

As far as signing Mike conley JR this summer, thats not happening...