Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Phoenix Suns 5/7/2021 1:00 pm [Game #67]


Knicks going out like BUMS shooting the 3-ball on every offensive possession .. and missing every 3 ball shot .. Knicks 104 - Suns 121 having 3 min remaining in the game.
I'm OUT !!!


Chris Paul with some high praise for Thibs' Knicks: "That team right there, man, they play the right way. They play with the right energy. They make every game feel like a playoff game. They don't take any possessions off."

It?s a make-shot league, as JVG is prone to say. Gotta hit shotS.


The 38-17 4th quarter became a reminder of our previous game against the Denver Nuggets 34-12 first quarter, which resulted into a 20 point Knicks LOSS vs a NBA contender team. And we play another top contender team (LA. Clippers) tomorrow.
I give coach Thibs his big props for creating a winning starter lineup without a PG.
Plus adding D.Rose as the Knicks 6th man was a winning move.
Thibs career curse for not being a winning playoff head-coach has been showing every time the Knicks play a NBA top contender. Last night the Knicks did not show up in the 4th quarter, the Suns defense only let the Knicks score 18 pts, while the Suns scored 38 pts (almost 40 pts) in the final quarter.
Head-coach Thibs never took the time to develop the bench players into a 5 man unit plus a 6th man.
Last night Frank looked lost on offense/defense, because Frank receive playing-time once a month.