Game thread: New York Knicks @ Portland Trail Blazers 3/14/2023 10:00pm [Game #71]


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(40-30) -- (31-37)

Moda Center, Portland, OR
10:00 PM EST


26-14 Blazers .. the only one scoring was Barrett & Quickley, Randle got first FG with 2 min remain quarter


End of First Quarter .. Knicks 20 - Blazers 33
The Blazers ball-movement gave them 9 assist in the first quarter compared to our 4 assist


Half Time .. Knicks 49 - Blazers 55

Randle working on his several moves to get to the FT line has been working ok 7-9 FT, and 13 pts
Toppin & McBride offense/defense was working well to received 9 min, so a Fresh Randle & Quickley could finish the quarter to get the Blazers lead down to 6


Randle tied score at 55 .. now Lillards taking over Blazers scoring.
I hope this game don't go down to FT shooting we are 17-23, and Blazers are 10-12


Wow .. Barrett scoring kept us in the game majority of the quarter, then Quickley's 3 tied us at 68, and now


End of 3rd quarter .. Knicks 91 - Blazers 81

Hart steal and shot should've went in ....
The 3 guard offense McBride, Quickley, and Hart, along with Randle and IHart turned the game around to stretch a Knicks lead the last 4 min of the quarter


The Hart steal to McBride for the Dunk, then the ball movement to Barrett for 2, then the 3 ball from Toppin got the Knicks a 104-86 lead .... 9 min remain in game
Where u at Mafra !!!


Watching Josh Hart play and Cam Reddish play .. It’s a world of difference.
Hart maximizes his talent on both side of the court on every play.
Hart .. 16 pts, 9 rbs, 8 ast, and 3 steals ( I was hoping for a triple-double)
McBride .. 18 pts, 3 ast, 2 blocks, and 1 steal
McBride is starting to get really comfortable offensively in the nba. If he maintains the confidence he’s going to be really good.
Toppin had 11 pts in 14 min

The Blazers without Grant look crippled


We have 11 games remaining in the regular season, and we have 41 WINS under our belt ..
And sitting comfortable as a 5 seeded team in the East ..
We also got 3 days rest after the 4 game west coast road trip we split ..
Having no Brunson on the court .. We had Randle, Barrett, and Quickley pickup on the scoring ..
And the outstanding energy off the bench Josh Hart brings is our 9 Game Win Streak player ..
Plus Hart's leadership has all the Knicks bench players playing outstanding winning B.ball on both sides of the court.

My big worry are the playoff, plus depending on Randle's bully-ball going against two/three defenders down the stretch of games. And no strategy coach Thibs giving (Randle/Barrett/Brunson) way to many playing-time minutes (27 to 30), before the start of the 4th quarter.
Coach Thibs have made Randle an important piece to our team making Randle the first option on offense the past 3 seasons. Randle has showed he can carry the team for stretches in the first/second/third quarter.
But is Randle the guy that will put us over the top? Probably not.
I think that's Brunson .. or at least, he's the best one we've got.
Or we start playing team-ball like Curry's GS, or Tatum's Celtics, or Giannis Bucks.

The Raptors scored 49 pts in the first quarter on the Denver Nuggets .. We need to do the same on Saturday vs Nuggets.