Game thread: New York Knicks @ Sacramento Kings 3/7/2022 10:30pm [Game #65]


RJ clearly the best player on this team, never gave up on defense all season, has improved as a playmaker, good rebounder, RJ is almost shooting 36% and his 3pt has increased will probably hit 37-38% which is very good.

Meaningless win.
Knicks need to tank at this point, no chance to make the playoffs. it's been like 65 games this season. 17 games left. Just tank.

The Knicks FO showed in the 2021 offseason they were not on the same-page with the NBA COY Thibs in their decision-making in the draft, and the FA signing.
No need to TANK when the Knicks FO are clueless of building a winning team in the offseason. The trade in the regular-season for D.Rose gave the Knicks a successful winning season.

The game was not meaningless to the Knicks two rookies (Jericho Sims & Deuce-McBride) who performance have two consecutive Blow-Out games under their belts.

Their are NO best players on the Knicks team, especially when it comes to winning games. The Knicks won their last two games on their STOP-Defense performance in the 2nd half of the game from the 3 players the coach DNP the last 3 months.
RJ Barrett scored 29 pts on 11-21 FG shooting.
Quickley scored 27 pts on 7-10 FG shooting.

What I liked most bout the game last night, were Randle playing the role of a PF getting 5 fouls on defense for the win, and Barret playing like a hungry SF getting 5 fouls for the win, and Deuce-McBride and Quickley getting 5 & 4 fouls doing everything possible to stop the Kings passing lanes.