Game thread: New York Knicks @ San Antonio Spurs 3/29/2024 8:00pm [Game #73]


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(44-28) -- (17-56)

Frost Bank Center, San Antonio, TX
8:00 PM EST


End of 3rd Quarter .. Knicks 91 - Spurs 94
We had 3 chances to take the lead having 3 minute left into the qtr.
Lets see what Mitch does starting the 4th quarter


Wow! 106-107 Spurs lead .. 6 min remain
Brunson getting the Spurs lineup in foul trouble, while a McBride steal n dunk, and Divo 3-ball


Well, tonight 2nd half Knicks performance said a lot about my Knicks team.
OG & Mitch have the same attitude after two games. Mitch did everything he had to do to show fans he's still injured.
Mitch has been my favorite Knicks player the past 6 seasons, but the performance Mitch put on tonight .. Mitch did not want to help HC Thibs and Brunson's 61 point performance get the win.
And if Randle have the same attitude as OG and Mitch have bout HC Thibs Nove Trio Knicks ....
The Knicks are a strong NBA contender ONLY if Mitch/Randle/OG get on the same-page with the Nova Trio.
That's the only way HC Thibs will get his first chance to coach in a Conference Finals.


61 for Brunson…. Would’ve been great if that was the result of hitting game winner at end of regulation, but he passed ball to McBride who tossed up a brick.

In the 43 minutes Brunson played tonight, NY has outscored the Spurs by 20 points

In the 9 minutes Brunson sat tonight, NY was outscored by 24 points

Yes, Brunson was +20 in a game the Knicks lost.

Brunson took 47 shots and scored 61 but awarded just 6 FT. Wemby took 22 shots and awarded 12 FT

Knicks took 110 shots to the Spurs' 82.

Spurs took 32 free throws to the Knicks' 12.

Insane happenings in Texas tonight

Wemby treated like LeVron tonight with the whistle.


That Guy WEMBY in two more seasons will be unstoppable on both sides of the court.
As much as I been rooting for OKC rookie Holmgren all-around game to win the ROY award ..
Rookie Wemby's level of performance is outstanding !!!


“A foul is a foul. That’s what I do know,” said Thibodeau, who noted the 32-12 free-throw discrepancy in favor of the Spurs. “And what I’m hearing [from the referees], I don’t really like. I don’t know what else you could do, what else you can say. It’s clear as day. It really is that simple.”

What explanation are the officials providing about why Brunson isn’t getting calls?

“Not a very good one,” Thibodeau said. “I’ll leave it at that.”

Despite taking just six foul shots, Brunson finished with 61 points and could’ve surpassed Carmelo Anthony’s single-season Knicks record with the game winner.

Instead, his 3-point attempt bounced off the rim with 5.4 seconds left in OT.

Brunson still surpassed Bernard King’s 60 points and now sits second on the all-time, single-game Knicks scoring list.

He also tied Patrick Ewing’s 1995 franchise record for points in a second half with 38. Brunson’s 46 field goal attempts were the most of any NBA player since Kobe Bryant’s final game in 2016.

Also, congrats to DDV for setting NYK single-season record for 3 point FG made


Proof NBA is rigged… Lead on ESPN SA-NYK story is Wemby scored 40. Halfway through article is mentions Brunson had 38 in the 2nd half!!!

He scored 61 and had just 6 FT attempts

I guarantee you majority of 60+ point games the player had 15+ FT attempts