Game Thread: New York Knicks @ San Antonio Spurs 8:30 pm 3/25/2017 [Game#73]


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The best news a NYK fan can hear. It's amazing to think how fortunate this organization is in 1 sense: when they re-signed Melo they had 1 first round pick in the next 3 drafts. I have to believe this was one of the main contributing factors in keeping Melo. It hurt too much to let him walk and receiving nada in return ... and losing Melo, ensuring a lottery-bound team for a few years, wouldn't jump start the rebuild bc NYK losing would only mean other teams get our lottery pick.

So, in spite of keeping Melo and hoping to be ok (instead of poop) actually didn't delay the rebuild. Somehow, the NYK maximizes the little draft capital they had.... walked away with KP and wHG and have a lottery pick this summer (maybe even a top 5 pick).

So, Melo being such a loser has actually saved Phil from himself.

Now, this means nothing if Jax screws up this summer. But, if he somehow trades Melo and walks away from
Draft/free agency with some young assets.... for once, something good came from that stupid decision to keep Melo.
The Knicks will have cap space this summer right? Interested what they do with that.

I still would love Rose to come back. I'm biased, but we do need a starting PG. The only problem offensively for Rose this season is he hasn't made plays for others enough. My question is why though? In his first few years with the Bulls he was averaging a good amount of assists. Is it the lack of cohesion this team has had in general or has Rose been still trying to get back to form?


Rose wants to go to a place he can win. I can see SA or HOU making a run, even PHI, LAK, or MIN.

Or only hope is to pull if a sign and trade. Rose played zero defense and didn't make anybody around him better. I wouldn't want to give him a 3-5 year deal.

It's time to stink and accumulate lottery picks. No sense making free agent splashes just to be competitive. I have no problems giving money to young players....

Now, if Rose wants to sign a 3 year deal for 15 per.... I would be on board for him returning. I just wouldn't want to hand him 70-100 mil.