Game thread: New York Knicks @ Utah Jazz 2/7/2022 9:00pm [Game #54]


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Knicks shoot 3-18 from the field. Outscored 22-11 so far? in the 4th?

Donovan Mitchell a constant reminder how awful and putrid Phil Jax and Gaines were at assessing talent in their later years.

They took Frenchie over Mitchell because there?s more to basketball than ?running and jumping ? they told us.


This game was a loss the day Phil Jax made that boner selection.

RJ and Mitch give hope? go get McCullum or a real G who can help this team.

Evan can?t score or defend to impact game late, now he?s helping the other team with killer giveaways.

Update: Utah goes on a 11-1 and now it is ovah. 30-17 4th Q blowout

Agreed. And we went back in the Frenchie pool again with Fournier. The Knicks should be BANNED from French players forever!