Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks 5/23/2021 7:00 pm [Game #1]


Thibbs should?ve blitzed Young with a triple, for somebody else to beat them and hopefully a quicker shot. Foolish playing it the way we did.

Then, Randle should?ve been the decoy and IQ should?ve been asked to take a deep 3.

But, we aren?t beating ATL if they boil down to 1 possession. They have Lou Williams and Young and the officials will favor those 2 with calls all series.

Randle would?ve have to lose a limb before Collins is called for a foul.

But, we win this game 88/100 times. Ball hits RJ in back, with us up 103-100 and 40 seconds left. Instead of our ball and game over, it bounces off his back to BB and bang... 3... tie game.

That?s a bad break. Don?t need a deeper analysis.

And, that 3 point swing bc of a bad JR turnover end of 3 hurt too.


After watching todays game .. I come up with the conclusion ..
It look like Thibs are never gonna coach a 2nd round playoff in his career !!!


Randle and RJ averaged a combined 58 points vs the Hawks. They were held to 29 points (12-38 shooting). This was a game ATL had to win, and yet they still almost lost it.

Let?s be honest, if not for a fluke bounce that led to a Bb 3.... NYK win this game.

We are a resilient bunch. So, let?s see what happens WED.


27 FT attempts all game... And, 1/3 of them (9) were officials putting Trae Young on the charity stripe in last 8 minutes of 4th Q.

In a close game, there were 5 separate possessions (of ATL?s final 10 or 15) that ended with refs blowing whistle and awarding 2 free points to ATL, in suspect, ????, 50/5 calls.

At least 2 of the fouls occurred when TY initiated contact!

This had more to do with ATL winning than Randle shooting like crap. In a close game, where teams are struggling to score... nearly 10% of ATL total points were ref bail out gifts.

Refs can?t change game in final 8 minutes. They did this to us Game 1 when Melo got swept by BOS.

Refs had a great game but choked down the stretch. Credit Nate McMillan for planting the seed and shame on Thibs for letting this slip away.


Did Randle All-Star regular season stop coach Thibs from benching Randle a few extra minute to convince Randle his 4-16 shooting has been giving the Hawks a double-digit lead, and Randle could fool the Hawks for a Knicks win by driving to pass the ball, rather than keep shooting for 40 pts, after having 4-16 shooting in the first half.

There was NO reason for the 41-31 Knicks to lose the first Covid-19 sold-out MSG post-season game.
Especially, having several well Team-Ball winning players in the 10 Man rotation (D.Rose, Burks, Bullocks, Noel, Taj, Barrett, Obi, and Quickley) of Keepers.
The Knicks 2nd-unit bench lineup combine to score 64 pts on 60% fg shooting .. Giving a dynamic performance to get the big-crowd in MSG to cheer and stand-up as proud Knicks fans !!!

Randle running the point like a shoot-first PG throughout the game by taking 24 shots.
Made a lot of Knicks fans upset, because all-star Randle missed 18 shots, and was a weak PF on both sides of the court throughout the game (2 fouls) and going down the stretch ........
Randle did just what the Hawks defense expected, something the Hawks defense had a week-off to practice.
And after having such a poor scoring performance on offense, Randle takes the final shot of the game, down by two pts having point nine (.9) seconds on the clock, Randle not only missed the shot, but he didn't get the shot off in time. When the Knicks have a quick release catch n shoot rookie name Quickley who is the fastest shooter on the roster.