Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics 7:30 2/24/2018 [Game #61]


You really think O'Quinn is gone? I think he could opt in this summer, he is a Perry guy. I was never enamored with the acquisition of KO but he's done his part when given the chance

KOQuinn has been the Knicks best player for the PF position the past 3 seasons .. the Knicks had plans on TANKING those 3 season so they give KO'Quinn 18 minute per game at the center position in lineups with 3 to 4 Guards lineup.
The Knicks could have had a winning season having Quinn n Noah in the 2nd unit lineup with Mcderm or Beasley at SF and THJ at SG and Knits at PG. But the Knicks started the 2017-18 regurlar season TANKING with the 0-3 start !!!