Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Charlotte Hornets 7:30 pm 1/21/2017 [Game#48]


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Wow C Lee finally has a great game??? Maybe PJAx has been stirring the pot to get these cats to play more up to thier potential great win on chief


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can't overstate how great of a win this was, for a bunch of reasons. KP's looking better and cLee steps up 2 games in a row now. maybe this will HOPEFULLY get them going down the stretch and we can win more games than not.


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I know it was hard on him but Melo going back at the crowd as in a "take that" fashion is not gonna end well for him. Good for him he managed to hit the late bucket but he still has 1 leg out in the street and the other on the curb on a banana peel. Another day closer. The team won in spite of his play too. Good bounce back from kporzee and Lee finally decided to join the party
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If Rose didn't get hurt, they probably would have lost, not drinking the koolaid I've watched too much basketball.

This team may partying, because they lack energy wayyyyyyyyyyy too much too often.
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