Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Dallas Mavericks 7:30 pm 11/14/2016 [Game#10]


Rotation player
I don't get the Noah hate from other Knicks' fans right now. As mentioned a dozen times in this thread, we went small ball against the Mavs for matchup reasons.

Noah had 18 rebounds on Saturday. He is averaging almost 4 assists per game out of the center position in 23 minutes per game so far this season. He is coming back from a major injury.

Only major complaint I have about Noah so far this season is he is shooting 38% from the free throw line.

yeah that's pretty much my assessment of noah as well. he's going to have not-so-good games now and again, just like pretty much anyone else. and he's going to have games where he puts up the kind of numbers you mentioned too. but if he can improve his free throw shooting that would help a whole lot. there's also the fact that he doesn't seem to draw a whole lot of fouls in the first place. but we'll see how that goes.


There was a blog today about how the Knicks are much better with him on the floor than when he isn't. Problem with the stats in that blog is he's on the floor with the starting 5 so the team offensive numbers are going to be better than when he's off the floor and the bench is in. I'll give Noah the benefit of the doubt like I said in an earlier post but if the Knicks are 8-14 in Dec. I would send him to the bench in favor of that small ball lineup.