Game thread: New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Clippers 2/4/2023 7:00pm [Game #54]


18 FTs for LAC in OT. They made 2 shots. Meanwhile, NYK commit 4 turnovers to go with 11fouls in OT… and Knicks now 3-6 in OT games. Knicks just 3.5 games out of 11th seed (out of play-in and in the lottery).
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Knicks are 28-25. 29 games remain… a 14-15 finish gets them to 42 wins & an above .500 campaign.


The last 9 min, Hart and everyone in the Knicks lineup were suppose to foul SAD!
Hopefully, this will be Tom Thibs final season as a Knicks.

Why Thibbs has to go:

Tommy Bear on Twitter

Impossible to justify playing RJ Barrett a game-high 43 minutes tonight.

Especially considering how well Deuce and Obi played.

Barrett took a team-high 21 shots and made only 6.

6-of-21 for 14 points

Obi, Deuce & Grimes:
10-of-18 for 29 points
Barrett's been stealing all of Cam Reddish playing time this season .. It's SAD knowing this is Reddish rookie contract final season.
Barrett's 44 minutes performance tonight had no specific role other than shooting.
Deuce 11 min game, and Toppin 12 min game in a overtime loss equal to many minutes given to Brunson & Randle down the clutch of a game.
The Clips Kawhi, George, Powell, and Mann scored over Brunson at will throughout the game.