Game thread: New York Knicks vs Milwaukee Bucks 12/1/2018



With Timmy, Trier, MRob, Knits and Knox

Would be something to behold. Toss in lottery pick in June...

That?s a rotation i would love to see.


Maybe dotson took knits minutes. Might just be a respite breather for Frank to clear his mind. Let him sit and watch and learn for a game or a week...

I say he’s better served playing 30 minutes in then g League...
I'd rather see if he came out mad and with the fire you said you wanted to see. If he doesn't play, you can bet Fiz is going to get questions including are you holding him out because he's about to be traded.


Knicks 9-16 from downtown.

Trey Burke, Lance Thomas and a 2nd round pick for 76ers PG Markelle Fultz

This might not do the trick for Fultz. There's really no telling what the market will look like for him, or if Philadelphia is ready to trade for him yet. That said, if the Knicks are feeling this Aaron Judge swing-for-the-fences move, these pieces could put them in the conversation.

A protected first-round pick could seal it. There are real concerns with Fultz's shoulder and confidence, as well as committing to his salary. However, he was drafted first overall for a reason, and fully realized could be an All-Star. Philadelphia would happily welcome Burke's scoring and Thomas's minutes at the forward spot, where they're shallow having dealt Robert Covington and Dario Saric.
We trail 66 - 61 at the half. Bombs away from 3 point range and play no defense. Is Fizdale basically a D?Antoni clone as head coach?


Bucks lead 66-61 at the half. Dotson leading scorer with 13. Nits has not played despite Trey leaving early with a knee injury.


Knicks have 14 assists on 23 made buckets. This group is competing again. Again, role players are role players. I think we found our group of guys to round out a roster... all we need to do is get KP back, add a max free agent and a lottery pick... and I think we are golden.

Flipping our ?older guys? (Lee, Kanter, LT, Burke) for another young asset... would be ideal too.


Trey Burke and Ron Baker for Clippers G Milos Teodosic and a 2nd round pick?


Of all the underachievers on our roster, Hezonja?s lack of success is the hardest to understand. He has size, athleticism, and a decent skill set. Is it lack of effort? Bad decision making? I don?t get it.

He has no passion for the game smh


Teenagers are gonna be raw. It wouldn?t surprise me if it takes a few years for it to click. Ante is good example. He was pretty meh his rookie year.

We can?t keep flipping roster over every year. To me, I look to extend Mario, Vonleh, Mudiay, Burke on team-friendly deals next Summer and how the kids improve and KP returns. Continuity will mean something. I think Kanter is the only guy we won?t be able to afford... if I could, I keep them all and hope KP rises all boats.

Only way I go another direction, is if I need money to sign 2 quality free agents and need the money. With MLE and stuff we can do it. I don?t see teams running for MH, EM, TB.

I would throw Mario in the trash asap.

He takes away playing time from much better players in Dotson/Hardaway/Knox


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Of all the underachievers on our roster, Hezonja’s lack of success is the hardest to understand. He has size, athleticism, and a decent skill set. Is it lack of effort? Bad decision making? I don’t get it.

QUOTE=KNICKS MOB;316792]He has no passion for the game smh

I wish we would have kept Mcderm