Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Minnesota Timberwolves 21/2/2021 7:00 pm [Game #31]


Wow, Ryan Saunders fired as Minnesota’s head coach following tonight’s loss to the Knicks. TWolves are as classless and clueless a franchise as it comes. They stunk for years, Thibs made them a playoff team, they fire Thibs, and now they’re back to being a bottom feeder.

I hope the Knicks front office is smarter with Thibs than that.
I was thinking while watching the game


Knicks are 15-16...

NYK 3 losses away from third seed (Mil).... but, there?s only 3 teams with more than 17 losses in entire NBA.


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I got to see the first half with free league pass weekend, but then my Dish started messing up with the bad weather here. Looks like we held on to win...KAT is a handful. That?s where you miss MROB. I think Thibbs is still figuring out the rotations...the league pass had the T-wolves announcers so it was a different perspective esp. because they know Thibbs, Drose, and TAj. Thibbs is coaching his tail off and J Randle is playing at All Star level. Wolves announcers were gushing about how hard JR worked back home in Dallas last summer because we weren?t invited to the bubble. RJ is coming along nicely. Thibbs is notorious for not trusting young players, but RJ gets big minutes down the stretch. Barring a 2nd half total collapse we are gonna be back in the playoffs for the first time in years. We need to stay in that 4-6 seed area so we have a chance in that first round. No more Knicks-tank. We are a high quality free agent away from being a contender in the East! And I heard they are letting fans back in MSG on a limited basis!!!