Game Thread: New York Knicks vs New Orleans Pelicans 12:00pm 11/15/2015


NY is 17-51 shooting. NO is 17-37.

Porz is 2-11, and obviously trying to do too much, making this personal because he facing Davis.

Affalo 1-5.

Only 5 turnovers, which is good.

Too bad Davis played today. He has 18 in first half.
We have 3 other shooters in our starting lineup, all of which have been knocking down shots lately, so you'd think Porzingis can back off shooting, but he continues to want to take on Davis. 1 for 2 so far in the 3rd quarter.


Zinger starts the 3 qtr with a missed 3 going 3/14. He needs to stop reading his press clippings about how great he is.
Robin Lopez having a much greater impact on defense and on the boards the last couple games. His shooting is still something to be avoided though.
Easy detail to ignore, but Porzingis' continued aggressiveness on offense, with and without the ball, has kept Anthony Davis as far from Melo as possible so far.
Melo now with 20 points and 8 boards with still over 4 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. The announcers just commented on how rare it is to see Melo not getting double teamed in the low post.
In the first half, we suffered through a Thomas, Amundson, and Derrick Williams front line. Now, Fisher instead opts for Seraphin and O'Quinn out there with Melo late here in the 3rd quarter.
Hitting some nice shots with 6 points in 5 minutes and making several nice defensive plays, Seraphin gives us the effort we needed to finish the 3rd quarter with a 3 point lead. As usual, our effort and rotations in the 4th quarter will decide this game.
Grant and Galloway continue to play together like they've been a backcourt tandem for years. Melo re-enters the game with over 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. Once again, Fisher ensures Melo will be gassed if this comes down to the final minute again.
Seraphin now 4 for 4 from the floor. He has been the story of us building this 8 point lead with 8 minutes to play.
Seraphin makes a beautiful pass out of the high post to give Galloway an easy layup for 2. Very next play, he drives off the dribble on Anthony Davis, misses, but follows his miss on the offensive boards for the putback 2. He also bashed Davis pretty hard in the face on the play.
Porzingis was not shooting well at all today, but now without him on the court, Anthony Davis is able to be all over Melo when he wants to be here in the 4th.


Nice run by the Khicks with a 10 pt run and a nice follow of his miss by Seraphin. 6 minutes left with a comfortable lead of 10. Have to win the ones we're supposed to win. Surpised the Pelicans have the record they have with their roster but that play was a reason they have that record allowing a guy that shot the ball from 12 ft out to put it back.


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The Pelicans have better % from the field, free point line and behind the arc yet the Knicks are still up by 5
After the timeout, Lance Thomas replaces Seraphin, who logged some huge minutes for us from the 3rd quarter to late into the 4th.