Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Oklahoma City Thunder 7:30pm 1/26/2016


I watch the Thunder on occasion and this game looks like a complete reversal of roles. The Thunder are the ones usually attacking the glass but it's the Knicks tonight, don't know exactly what the points in paint count is but the Knicks might be leading there also.
We did a lot of damage with Durant and Westbrook on the bench. Rotations not working in our favor now late in the 4th quarter with our players who were hot exhausted and Durant and Westbrook fresh.


NYK radio announcers going ballistic. 104-101 NYK and they claim Porzingis got fouled (no call), then they called an offensive foul on AA (which should've been a foul on Westbrook), then call a foul again in AA (when Westbrook lost ball, even tho there's no foul on AA)...

15-5 run for OKC... Galloway and Grant turnovers... KP with a block but LG misses layup... KO a steal...

But our guards have disappeared. We can't score.

This loss my fault. I was at a parent-teacher Conf... Get in car and we are up 11... We scored 5 points since I've been listening...

Tied at 106
Durant drains a 3, but Galloway with the answer with the shot clock running out. Game is again tied with under 2 minutes to go. Great game, but for how long are we going to be able to answer Durant when we can't stop him.
Derrick Williams now with 17 points and 10 rebounds after that rebound after the Durant miss. Our ball with less than 90 seconds to go and game still tied.
Porzingis with the acrobatic driving shot to give us the lead and then our defense forces the Westbrook turnover which leads to the Derrick Williams transition slam. 7 to 0 run gives us the 4 point lead with 59 seconds to go. Tons of time left.
We play solid defense, but as tends to be the story when you play the Thunder, Ibaka grabs the offensive board for the easy 2. Lead is 2 with 42 seconds to go. What's the play for us coming out of the timeout?
Terrible possession out of the timeout. Durant comes right down the other end and knocks down the 2 to tie the game. He now has 37 points. We get what should be the last possession of regulation with 16 seconds to go. No excuses, get a good look.
Afflalo didn't have a good look, but that shot was halfway down before it bounced out. We go to OT. We might be in trouble. Durant and Westbrook are relatively fresh and our big 5 tonight (Lance Thomas, Porzingis, Derrick Williams, Galloway, and Afflalo) may be gassed.


Twice we go to Affalo, with no-defense Waiters guarding him...
Twice he misses the shot. OK fisher.... Let's not rely on this bum anymore... Plz

OKC with the best defensive 4th q (on the road) in NBA this year... 1 foul all q... Wow.


Didn't like that play call at all, AA hasn't exactly been money this game. Would have preferred a play drawn up for KP, no one can block his shot.
Afflalo now 5 for 18 tonight with that miss in OT. As a bonus, once he gets the ball, he seems to never pass it back out. Hard to keep a defense honest when you have a guy functioning like that.
Good for Fisher. He takes Afflalo out and puts Grant in, but the damage may be done. Durant and Westbrook look like they want to take over.