Game Thread - New York Knicks vs San Antonio Spurs - March 17, 2015


He'd be a somewhat decent add if Phil hadn't signed Melo to his awful deal. Just doesn't make sense to create cap space and have to use it on Shved. Options are limited though

creating a cap-space was Phil plan ....
Trading Tyson Chandler & Felton as early as June, so Melo would resign to a 5 year max deal was all James Dolan doing.

Think about it .. Melo opting-out in July, and willing to take a pay-cut to join the next NBA team.
Why would u trade final year contacts .. Tyson ($14M), Barg ($12M), and Stat ($21M)?
When ur BIG plan is creating cap-space in 2015 offseason?
When u total Melo's final contract too .. u talking $69M coming off the cap-space from 4 players in 2015

Phil is a $60M Dolan puppet


Shved came up big tonight.

The cap space issue becomes more polarizing because Phil is likely to use a decent chunk of it players on current roster. Kind of bizarre to say the least

Great Knicks WIN .. still there's only two Keepers (Gallo/Amundson), plus $124M man on the roster.
If Phil keep any of the other players on the roster its bc no team wanted them in a trade, plus the 2015 FA market all those players agents told Phil to call them in August, not July... in other words dont call us we will call u.


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the best possible thing Jackson could do is sign Bargnani to a minimum contract, with bonuses for minutes played. if he plays, he performs, and then he's worth the dollars. but to do a signing without stipulations (ala STAT and his well-known bad knees) would be unconscionable. f*ck the trainers, the guy is injury-prone!

I couldn't even stomach this scenario because what about but but what about but but....

Signing 10 day guys or getting guys as throw ins on crap trades so we can discuss on message boards keeping them as carry overs for the following season? In this case Bargnani would be taking up one of their roster spots so my answer is still NO not even at league minimum, which Bargnani's would be $1.5mil.

I think what has to be considered here signing guys for the appropriate situation, such as over the cap under the cap, such as not in contention or in contention, such as rebuilding and not rebuilding.

Donnie Walsh once said "Some players are good signings at one price and then not good at another." In Bargnani's case he isn't good at any price.


This guy has the same opinion about Bargnani as you guys. Poor guy, lights it up for the last 35 games and you would think he had the plague. At least the Prigoni trade seems to be working out, we have Shved and a couple of 2nds, Shved has been playing well and Prigoni is shooting less than 20%, 12% from 3.

This Is Why The Knicks Have No Hope

By Mike Kurylo - Published: 03/19/2015 - 14 Comments As I said previously, I have little faith that this Knicks team will be good in the future. You might come to this conclusion from a number of indicators. You could look at their 14-53 record this season, tied for worst in the league. You could look at Phil Jackson’s tenure and there’s plenty of red flags there. The botching of the Steve Kerr hiring. The questionable hiring of Derek Fisher. The weird statements/tweets. The paltry returns on traded players. You could look at their eschewing of advanced statistics, as ESPN rated them 121 out of 122 professional franchises in using any reasonable numerical evidence to help assist with making decisions in a billion dollar field.
But if this report is true, it would indicate that there is no hope that this Knicks front office has any clue on how to build a winning NBA team.
[Andrea Bargnani’s] two injury-filled, unproductive seasons with the Knicks will end next month but there is already a sense that team president Phil Jackson, encouraged by Bargnani’s play over the past 20 games, will strongly consider re-signing the free agent forward… for the right price, of course.
And folks that is the canary in the coal mine.
Remember for the Knicks to have any hope the likeliest scenario is for them to pick the best pro in the NBA draft, AND grab a top notch free agent this summer, AND make sure that the draft pick, the free agent and Carmelo Anthony complement each other on the court, AND pick up the right complementary players to fill out the rest of the roster. This is the corner they’ve painted themselves into by re-signing Anthony to a huge contract, giving him a no-trade clause, and giving away future first round picks.
And for the above scenario to come true, the Knicks need someone at the helm that understands how to evaluate NBA talent. If Phil Jackson resigns Andrea Bargnani to do anything more than shoot tshirts out of a cannon, he proves that he is not qualified to run this team.
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This guy has the same opinion about Bargnani as you guys. Poor guy, lights it up for the last 35 games and you would think he had the plague. At least the Prigoni trade seems to be working out, we have Shved and a couple of 2nds, Shved has been playing well and Prigoni is shooting less than 20%, 12% from 3.

"Canary in the Coal Mine"


"Shooting T-Shirts Out of A Connon"

Classic material there


Like Phil said... the team cannot sign 8-10 players... BARGS owes NYK, so perhaps he signs a vet-min deal to remain in the triangle and is a rotation/bench player? Most likely, he plays well enough that some team is enticed and spends more on him than NYK is willing to risk.

Langston & Schved are a lock to be on team come SEP (2nd unit); I do think Bargs would be "lock" #3 as first big off bench if he agree to vet-min or 1-yr-make-good contract.

Then 2-3 from this bunch as back of rotation players: THhjr, Early, Greek freak 2, Frenchie, Larkin

Then 3 back-up bigs: Acy, Amundson / Thomas / Smith / Aldrich / Wear

7-8 players will round out roster (spots 8-15)

Carmelo, Okafor/Towns, Langston, Schved, Bargnani, Almundson, Thomas is the beginning of 2015-2016 squad. Let young guards and wings compete (probably THjr or Larkin, Early or Greek Freak 2, Smith or Acy, Aldrich or Ware).

This is 11 players MAX. IN free agency we need, and will sign THREE starters and 1 integral bench player, plus a roll he dice vet or two.


Eric Gordon or Mo Williams, O-Asik

Something like this.

this is a pipe dream.. No player is coming here without getting the max money they are entitled to.. NONE..

and why should they. Phil came on a money grab, Carmelo the biggest douchebag there is came back for a money grab... we even paid fisher a hefty sum of money with no coaching experience.

First of all Jimmy butler said he is staying in chicago, I am not sure why every knick fan keeps penciling him in as if he is out player...

The knicks won't have the cap space for half of these guys because they are not giving us a discount..
this is why signing carmelo was stupid phil!

The knicks need an infusion of talent. Real talent with upside.. I would start combing the league for guys like KJ mcdaniels, Wroten, Gerald Henderson, Covington, etc.. use money wisely on guys like that, do that for a couple of years, and since we don't have a draft pick next year, it is imperative we use the free agent money wisely.

Lets get this straight, this team with carmelo and the bunch of clowns we have now will never win a thing, sved, admunson, bargnani, etc all of these guys are marginal talents trying to hang on in this league.. Just think of it this way, we played the wolves last night, they have a guy on their team like Dieng who is better than anyone on our team, and he is not even the 3rd best player on the wolves... our talent level is alarmingly low, and we can't shortcut our way to prosperity..

no, we just can't not pairing someone with carmelo... please I heard that failed plan before.

not pairing a pick with carmelo.. again, it involves carmelo, not a winning plan..

we need an enema!!! complete dump and realistic signings and draft well.. that is a great start...