Game thread: New York Knicks vs Toronto Raptors 4/10/2022 7:00pm [Game #82]


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(48-33) -- (36-45)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NYMSG7:00 PM EST


Starting for Randle the last four games, Toppin averaged 23.5 points, 5.3 rebounds on 54.1 percent shooting heading into the finale. But this stat matters most: He?s shooting 48.1 percent on 3?s on 6.8 attempts.


Wsup Rady .... Thanks for the Game Thread .. I'm looking forward to watching our second-season Stockton & Malone or Nash & Amare performance from Quickley & Obi Toppin in the Knicks final game of the season. The two players earned 30 minutes of playing time without Randle & Barrett silly decision-making controlling the ball for 40 minutes a game.
Quentin Grimes, Mitchell Robinson and Miles McBride are out tonight, Thibs says.
I'm hoping this will be assistant coach Thibs FINAL game as a Knicks head coach !!!
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This is it. The final game in what has been one of my most disappointing Knicks seasons in a long time. Should have known better.
Looking at this meaningless stretch of games to close the season, one of the biggest winners is Obi Toppin. 23 points in the 1st half on his way to another big scoring game.

Biggest loser? Maybe MRob, unable to get on the court to finish season prior to free agency. Sims with 11 rebounds in the 1st half. He has made MRob look expendable at the wrong price.
They?re playing a Leon Rose interview during the 3rd quarter where he?s talking about the development of our young guys.

Leon Rose speaks just fine when given the chance, why is it so rare we hear him address the state of the team?


34 apiece now!

Amazing how it works? give Obi minutes and his 3-point shooting improves.

A big offseason for Toppin. He?s proven me wrong. Kid has a role, especially if we find a PG and utilize him correctly.

But, Obi made me eat my words. I love it. Come back better next year.


Rose andMcBride andAB and Simms on bench with a lottery pick?

I am down with that starting 5 as we rebuild.

Toppin with 39!
Completely meaningless game to end the season, but a fun watch with absolutely massive games from Obi and IQ and Knicks close out season with a home win.
Knicks finish with 37 - 45 record.

Knicks with 12th worst record in the NBA. If New Orleans wins tonight, Knicks will finish with tie for 11th worst record.

But, what?s interesting is that both New Orleans and San Antonio, who have a worse record than the Knicks, are going to make the play-in. If either of them succeeds in climbing out of the 9th or 10th seed in the West and makes the playoffs, then Knicks could move up another spot in worst record seedings.
Fans have their gripes with Tom Thibodeau, but through tonight?s win his overall record as Knicks head coach through 2 seasons is 78 - 76, above 0.500.

Thibodeau and Woodson are only 2 Knicks head coaches in last 20 years (since JVG) to have above 0.500 records as Knicks coach (13 head coaches in those 20 years).

Obviously another losing season next year for Thibodeau will take him out of that category.