Game thread: New York Knicks vs Utah Jazz 1/30/2024 7:30pm [Game #48]


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(24-24) -- (30-17)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
7:30 PM EST


DDV and PA and Hart and Brunson are destroying Utah. Call the national guard bc Knicks are poised to blow out another opponent. Holy cow!


Top 10 in 3PFGs this season:

Curry - 195, 41%, $51M
Doncic - 155, 38%, $40M
George - 148, 41%, $45M
Hardaway - 145, 37%, $18M
Thompson - 143, 39%, $43M
Bogdanovic - 141, 37%, $19M
Young - 137, 37%, $40M
DiVincenzo - 136, 43%, $11M
Tatum - 134, 36%, $32M
White - 132, 39%, $11M

31-17. Knicks in third place. 1.5 games behind MIL


At the start of the 2024 year my Krazy Knicks has been performing on a NBA Contender level in the month of January having a 14-2 record.
Plus my Knicks won 5 games by 15 points or more in our previous 7 games.
Our injuries has not affected our consistent winning in January, but we must put a stop to all these injuries occurring during the the end of the 4th quarter of games .. Mitch, Brunson, Hartenstein, Randle, and OG

The last two games were back to back (away & home), and our game rotation consisted of 8 players (Thibs career rotation). Yesterday's game was the end of a back to back we gave 4 players 40 minutes of playing-time in the game.
In both games Knicks started the 4th quarter holding a 20 point lead.
Repeat the sentence above several times if u don't understand.

Our back-up PG Deuce McBride has been averaging 10 minutes of playing time a game, after the Quickley trade.
And our backup PF/C Jericho Sims is still trying to get 10 minutes of playing time a game when all our Big men are out injured .... Mitch, IHart, Randle, and OG.


Thibs was noted the coach players do not want to play for because of this extra unncessary minutes...

is there rhyme and reason in his thinking or is she just so stubborn ?


In the NBA these days, 20-point leads evaporate like puddles in the afternoon in an arid desert.

Thibbs is old school and players need to earn minutes during practice…. He has a system and is looking for something… he also believes that players are in rhythm and excel within defined roles and in a shorter rotation… 8-10…

Look at minutes played historically, from Wilt to MJ… players play… they ball…. Nonsense that players need rest. That’s loser talk from ring chasers, who believe in pseudo science that suggests they need to be well rested come playoffs. Thibbs believes you have to be conditioned.

Not a huge fan of that mentality but it doesn’t bother me. Gobble up all the wins you can during regular season why others take foot of pedal.

Knicks have had a solid 5 year run under Thibbs. Just remember what it was like the last 2 decades?