Game thread: New York Knicks vs Washington Wizards 10/18/2023 7:30pm [Preseason Game #4]


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(2-0) -- (1-2)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
7:30 PM EST


Wsup Rady .. Don't feel bad, all the Knicks preseason Game-Threads has been empty of fans online.
Thanks for the preseason Game-Thread any way.
Half Time .. Knicks 52 - Wizards 65
The Wizards Poole got to the FT line 9-10 in the first half for 29 points.
Is Poole trying to score 50 in a preseason game ???
We may need Barrett, Donte, and Hart to pickup on their defense in the 2nd half


Well that was the Knicks final preseason game.
How well did we look ???
As good as last season or better ???

Our depth need some offensive plays better than ISO
Our Tandem Bigs need to space their selves to defend down low and crash the glass on offense.
Tonight, I watch Jericho Sims give Donte some great Picks for a pick n roll but Donte refused.


How well would our Knicks DEPTH look having chemistry?

The Knicks starter lineup showed great potential last season, I'm looking for the Starters to keep up that pace.
The Knicks bench lineup have some great talent in Quickley, Donte, Hart, Hartenstein, and we could add Jericho Sims, or Deuce McBride to have a dynamic 10 man game rotation.

The NBA Preseason Games are showing lots of teams rotation are just 9 players the first 3 quarters of the game.
The Boston vs Hornets final preseason game the Hornets played 11 players in their rotation all game.
Boston played 9 players in their rotation throughout the first 3 quarters, their ball-moving chemistry outscored the Hornets by 10 or more points in each of the 3 quarters to have a 30 point lead at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Will the majority of NBA teams play 7 to 9 players in their game rotation early in the regular season, like they did last season to have lots of injured players when the postseason arrive ???