Game thread: Portland Trailblazers @ NY Knicks. 7:30 11/20/2018 [Game #18]


You guys have to stop with this tanking, its not even DEC. Save the tank talk for MAR if we have a top 5 in losses and we need one or 2 losses to be the worst team in the NBA.

Not sure what you?re getting at... Tank is just a word, and it obviously connotes and conjures up different things for different people. All tank means to me is that i see the value in each loss, that losing won?t irk me (nor will I let it emotionally sting).

All fans root for the win while in the heat of contest. Nobody is rooting for missed shots and for blowouts.

Again, most people cheering Harrington-Hughes-Duhon era were like fattys eating donuts. Felt good in the moment... but 28 wins instead of 23 costs us Westbrook and Curry.

The moment KP was lost for this season Knicks were done. No chance. Not even for a long shot to obtain the 8th seed. So, in this reality, you adjust vision and do what?s best for the long term vitality of the franchise.

Ever hear of a Phyrric victory?


The NBA changed the rules of the lottery game to discourage tanking. Most significant move the Knicks could do if they really wanted to tank is to hold KP out for the entire season and I'm not sure how that would be received in the league office if he's cleared to play and the still hold him out for "precautionary" reasons.

If you were wondering why Fiz went back to his vets after saying winning wasn't a priority but the young guys were, maybe Perry or Mills reminded him of the NBA policy on tanking.

"Fizdale has said repeatedly, including Sunday, that player development overrides winning. On Monday, he continued down that path when he said of the 4-13 record the took into Tuesday: “We’re not putting all our stock in wins and losses right now and our group understands that.”

Blatantly admitting to a so-called tanking philosophy is not what Commissioner Adam Silver wants to hear. Late last season, Silver warned the tanking Bulls about not suiting up veterans.
“Every game we play to win,” Fizdale said Monday. “There’s never a time we step out on the court not to win the game. These guys are putting their heart and soul in this. Me and staff are putting our heart and soul in winning every game and preparing. But you have to learn through that. It doesn’t always come from everything being good and rosy. You get smacked away and go through your lumps and try to teach through that.”


It?s really amazing to me why people are shocked NY is 4-14, or wondering why Fiz isn?t doing more to win games.

Look at our roster. It?s bad. We hope it?s a roster with potential...

In 2011, Curry and Klay finished 23-43...

Curry (like KP) was hurt (played 23 games)... then they took advantage of lottery and got Barnes in the draft (Barnes went 1 pick after Lilard and 2 picks before Drummond) and D-Green with the 35th pick (Quincy Acy went 2 picks later)... then went 47-35 the next season. And the rest is history...

Just like when Spurs lost the Admiral and tanked for Duncan.

This is our template. We should be shooting to be a 45-50 win team by next year.
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Should we blame Fizdale bc Vonleh missed 4 FTs late? 2 of which would?ve tied the game?

?The Knicks, who play in Boston on Wednesday, fell to 4-14. But they aren?t in danger anytime soon of matching their worst start. In Derek Fisher?s first season (2014-15), the club started 4-20.

In nine of the Knicks? 14 losses, they have either been tied or ahead in the fourth quarter.?


Small ball lineup gets burned again by not being able to get a rebound and allowing a critical putback in the closing seconds.

A decade of Knicks small-ball tanking .. it does get pityful when u see it again n again .. it become expectation .... Game-Thread !!!


Why did Fizdale pull a hot Burke late in the game? Hmmm... a tanktastic choice, a blunder, or a fool betrayed by an inkling?