Game Thread: The London Calling - Pistons vs Knicks


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Surprise of the year thus far, great backup. Good defense, moves well for a guy his size.

Don't think so tbh. Expected him to be a double double threat every night especially on this team. He shouldn't be a backup in fact he'll almost certainly be permanent starter after ASG.

Gotta say my surprise of the season is Vasquez that dude has turned into a legit 2nd tier PG.


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Knicks kicking ass! Monitoring it on gamecast and it looks like Amare is getting his offense together. Melo beasting, as usual.


Shumpert's game will be on that next level if he can hit that corner 3. We know he can slash and score creatively....but this dude will be complete...loving his 3pt shooting tonight.


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Shumpert - loquacious and tenacious
Melo - invincible, undefensible

great 1st half... here we go!

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Tyson with the 4th, Amare in......not a bad backup. I remember in his Dallas year, his effort level throughout the game was high because he knew he had an NBA caliber backup behind him in Haywood. Probably the same thinking here, with Amare behiind him tonight.


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The Knicks i'm watching right now are getting punk'd by the Pistons..what happened to the 20+ lethal neck stompin Knicks?

Injuries are killing us, we need our guys back.