Greatest underrated movies you've seen

New New York

Quiet Storm
Princess Bride! No lie...classic

Once Upon A Time in America


One Eyed Jacks

And because this is a Knicks website two Spike Lee Films

2.25th hour


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Primer (2004) is a low budget movie about two friends who discover a possibility to travel back in time.
If you're into time traveling films, this one's really gonna give you some headaches. And unless you're a math geek, chances are slim you'll figure out what's going on after seeing it just once. Really mind challenging!


A few British gang related flicks I've watched recently, good movies.

Ill Manors (directed/produced by Plan B who is a British musician - soul/hip hop/electronic) probably the best of the bunch also a recent movie so quality production.

Kidulthood - older movie in the same mold, good watch.

Adulthood - sequel to the above, decent watch although suffers from being a sequel for sure.
This reminds me. Harry Brown is an awesome film in the same vein as these 3 films. Plus Ben Drews in it too! and it pretty much was brought to life in the Tottenham riots the other year. I dunno why it popped into my head but I'd recommend a movie called Cop Land to anyone too. Nobody ever seems to mention that movie but it has Stallone, DeNiro, Ray Liotta and all these big names in. Stallone actually packed on a load of weight for the role and puts in a (rare) good performance