Happy New Years everyone!


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Hey all just wanted to shout you all a happy new year. Just woke up its 9am on the first day of 2013 and I'm expecting all of us to get exactly what we want this year, Knicks or otherwise!

Have a good night fellas, stay safe :beer::smokin:


most international new years' eve ?

well in mine country ppl such USA/UAE-Dubai/Brussele/Scottland/Italy/Turkey/Chechen Republic/Vietnam/Chinese was with news channel report live

most intesting what they said is they came to this country just because ONLY for this event. Amazing

well mine dream eve is Hongkong' victoria harbour which i seen @ 20 hr their time

and Shangai


Happy New Year to everyone, to all your families, and thanks for taking the time to hang out here with your thoughts and feelings. I hope this year we can all visualize the greatness-to-come together, as this team gets healthier and better, and starts to overcome the obstacles that have prevented the New York Knickerbockers from being the best team in the NBA.

I think this is the year fellas. I think we've got the right coach, and all the right elements to make it happen.

I also hope some of us can get together this year.
I'm looking forward to the euro-crew getting together, and to see/hear how that goes.

remember, this is the time of the apocalypse, the end of the world as far as certain civilizations were concerned. as far as those with true knowledge, it is the start of something new, something universal that has to do with positive thinking, visualization, and making the world a better place for all.

Let's focus on the positive this year, let's visualize this team going all the way, and help them manifest their (our) destiny!