Hey Mods! Clean Up This Site Please


Hey Mods! any further thought towards cleaning up this site, as far as a single thread for Melo, Stat, Lin, JR, etc. ie: guys like Finestrong create a new thread for every player they think deserves attention (not that I don't like his posts); of course he's not the only one, but there's so many new posters on here since Melo and Linsanity began, there's no longer any protocol towards creating threads. interesting threads disappear due to the immensity of the thoughts/threads created weekly. I know this has been discussed, but c'mon!

feel free to erase this thread.


CoolC for MOD!



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Been saying this months. Almost lost it when someone created a thread of a picture in Melo's living room.

I think the man that posted that thread proved an important point: that Melo is more concerned with interior decorating than putting the donuts down and dropping the baskets.

Absolutely relevant.