Hoopsworld Give Grundog His Deserved Recognition



Grunwald and Woodson share a fundamental philosophy of how winning teams are be constructed. (Remember, Grunwald?s first ?player personnel? acquisition was the risky, but ingenious sign-and-trade for Tyson Chandler, who turned out to be a decent defender?) Grunwald has built this current Knicks roster by adhering to those principals, which fits Woodson?s coaching style perfectly.

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There were a number of Knicks fans who are now Brooklyn Nets fans that thought Grunwald should have been fired after he allowed a future hall of fame pg to sign with the Rockets.


Grid or Riot
I was listening to Magic Johnson on Mike & Mike and what he said was something like "the first player you gotta pick is a center and then you build around him" and then I started reading the about article... and damn, many people accuse Magic of no knowledge about hoops despite being one of the greatest players of all time, but the first move Grunwald made was to sign Chandler, a top 5 center.


Exec of the year if you ask me. Lets not forget the big shoes he had to fill after Walsh left us. I didn't think these moves would work but I'm happily eating my bowl of crow. Great leaders are the ones that have a vision and take risks, and thats exactly what he has done while here. Not even Donnie would have probably taken these gambles. Hell, I don't even think Donnie would have pulled the trigger on the Melo trade if it wasn't for Dolan