How should Knicks fans feel about Evan Fournier's comments?


Evan Fournier said, “If you want to trade me with a good return, why didn't you use me? I was coming out of a season where I was the fourth-best 3-point shooter in the league. Why not take advantage of it?”


What head coach Thibs did to the French perimeter shooter Evan Fournier on offense ....
1) NBA and Olympic fans all knew Fournier as one of the quickest catch and shoot players.
2) Every time Fournier receive the ball as a Knicks he was forced to dribble the ball.
3) All Knicks opponents put their best defender on Fournier throughout a game.
4) First & second option (Randle/Barrett) does the majority of their scoring on the left-side of the court.
5) Fournier was always station on the perimeter on the left-side of the court on offense.
6) Head coach Thibs offense had no ball movement, no player movement, no picks, no screens, and never had one written-up play for Fournier to have a open catch and shoot shot on the perimeter in two seasons.
The Miami Heats 4-2 series over the Knicks had all of the above in their offense throughout the series, plus unselfish team-ball having three star players.


Evan Fournier arrives at Team France camp. “I am impatient to play again…excited to come back to this team…fighting for a goal. This season, for the first time, I had no goal and it felt strange…This World Cup will be my launchpad”.

Evan Fournier rips Knicks, Tom Thibodeau: 'You want to spit on everyone'​

Evan Fournier’s days with the Knicks are likely numbered, and he is not too pleased with how it reached this point.

The veteran guard, who appeared in just 27 games last season, vented his frustrations in an interview with French media outlet, L’Equipe, in which he blasted the organization and head coach Tom Thibodeau for his diminished role.

“You want to spit on everyone. You have hatred,” Fournier said. “Derrick Rose and I looked at each and said to each other: ‘What the hell are we doing here?’ During the five-on-five practice, we were on the side like some prospects. Uncool times. And when I realized that wouldn’t change, I took things more slowly. I focused on myself and didn’t let the rest get to me anymore.”
The 30-year-old appeared in the first 13 games of the season for the Knicks, averaging 20 minutes per game, but was relegated to the bench as Thibodeau searched for answers for a struggling team.

Fournier did not appreciate how Thibodeau reached his decision so quickly and has no relationship with the head coach.
“I have nothing to say [to Thibodeau] because I have none,” Fournier said. “When he took me out of the [starting] five, he just told me he was going to try something else. Then at the first match of a road trip, he announced to me that I was leaving the rotation, ciao.”
Fournier is still under contract with the Knicks for next season and owed $18 million but the veteran guard does not expect to be back with the team.

“I would be very surprised to be a Knick next year,” he said. “They pay me $18 million, they have no interest in keeping me. If you want to trade me with a good return, why didn’t you use me?
“I was coming out of a season where I was the fourth-best 3-point shooter in the league. Why not take advantage of it? Now they won’t get anything interesting and that’s normal because I couldn’t show anything.”

The Knicks do have a team option they can use with Fournier following the 2023-24 season, but Fournier believes if he is not traded it would be disastrous for his career.

“I’m going to be traded, it’s not possible otherwise,” he said. “Or I’d be stuck, and so would they. They have several players with big contracts coming in. Unless they want to pay a crazy luxury tax… If I stayed, it would be a disaster basketball-wise for my career. I can manage a year without playing. Two… that would be terrible.”