How the Knicks Practically Handed Kemba Walker a Game Winner


Inexcusable that they let Walker waltz in with 4 secs left from 10 ft beyond the arc. I've seen Prigoni foul plenty of times to stop guys from scoring on breakaways yet he couldn't use that foul to give on Kemba.

And Melo not only leaving Stephenson wide open with him waving his arms for the ball but standing in the paint doing nothing to stop Kemba. No wonder the Knicks can't defend the perimeter or the paint with guys like Melo on the team.

The more I see of Melo the more I think the Knicks will regret signing him and giving him that no trade clause.


pin this one on fisher.. should have had a younger guy on kemba with strict instructions to...foul him... after a dribble/two.. prigs is old and slow... bad move fisher...