If there was no Knicks , who would you support?


If there were no Knicks I think i would go with the Clippers.I feel bad for them getting ridiculed for so many years for being in the same city with a successful team.
Nuggets since that's where half our old team is anyway.

The Bulls, Pacers and hear are all disqualified for ruining my childhood!

.......I would also probably watch more collage ball than pro ball too.


Dont understand.....I was born/raised in the BIG 5 Boros of New York city, which have double n more of Everything, plus having every creed of people on this planet in New York....it was Red Holzman Knicks with "Earl the Pearl Monroe" got me in the park playin B.ball everyday & night.

In other words....I cant imagine a life in New York without Knicks/Yankees/Giants


The Bulls, Pacers and heat are all disqualified for ruining my childhood!

hehe ! I can definitely relate to the Bulls ruining my 1990's Memories as a Knicks Fan !

The one i can't get over is the series when we took a 2 nil lead when Starks Posterized Jordan , Grant with the left hand Leaner Dunk and the bastards won the next 4 games in a row ! And what about that memory with Smith at the end of game 5 under the bucket getting blocked and missing layups and then the outlet to BJ Armstrong for the lay in to end the game ! :barf:

That pisses me off to no end ! :teeth:

Anyway, the show must go on and we will get our revenge ! Believe me ! :peace: :gony:

Yankees :gony:

Giants :gony:

Sabres :gony:

No Knicks - No NBA :gony:

Your heart is in the right place, supporting all the right teams!

I'm close to throwing up when I see people rocking Jets gear at Knicks games.....how anybody can support that team is a mystery to me....they played in our stadium for decades...how embarrasing and fake is that? Jets playing at Giants stadium.....now they remove our Super Bowl pictures and trophies when they have a 'home' game....what a plastic club. Tim Tebow is a good guy, I feel sorry for him he doesn't deserve to be a Jet and especially a backup to Mark Sanshit.

If the Knicks would no longer exist I wouldn't support another team. I'd probably support a single player or something like that. I really like Kevin Durant so OKC winning the whole thing would be a pleasent thing to watch.